China’s Venezuela Challenge

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Oil baron J Paul Getty is reputed to have said: “if you owe the bank $100, that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem.” In lending more than $60b over the past two decades, China may have its own problem: Venezuela.

The chronic catastrophe in Venezuela has most likely transitioned to its acute stage. Over the past week Western governments moved to recognize Juan Guaidó, leader of the Venezuelan National Assembly, as interim president. The US, Organization of American States, Brazil, and the majority of Latin American countries have now been followed by members of the European Union. The US has further stepped up pressure, imposing sanctions on Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. 

China, Russia — as well as Bolivia and Cuba — still recognize Nicolás Maduro as president of Venezuela. Our friend at the Wilson Center Benjamin Gedan notes that China is the only one of those in a position to give material support to the Maduro government, and has effectively brought that to a halt. 

Guaidó recognizes the key role that China will play in the future of Venezuela, and that the current Maduro government is hurting their investments. In an interview with South China Morning Posthe says:

China is a fundamental global player with whom we would like to relaunch our relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation. China has witnessed at first hand the plundering of our state resources by Maduro’s government. Its development projects in Venezuela have been equally affected and falling due to governmental corruption and debt default. We are ready to begin a constructive relationship and dialogue with China as soon as possible.

But note that he wants to “relaunch" the relationship. Somethings will have to be included in that relaunching, including debt:

All agreements that have been signed with China following the law will be respected. If previous agreements were signed by adhering to the due process of approval by the National Assembly, my government will accept and honour them.

That reiterates the implicit threat that the opposition National Assembly and its supporters have hinted at before, that debt incurred by the Maduro government *without* National Assembly approval is “odious” and will be repudiated. 

China — while perpetually concerned about the specter of another “color revolution” (「顏色革命」) — for its part iswilling to play ball:


...the Chinese side has been in close communication with all parties in various ways on the situation in Venezuela. We stand ready to work with all parties...

But with protecting its interests — loans, investments, and energy agreements — as the priority:


China-Venezuela relations are normal state-to-state relations... It complies with laws and regulations and should be above any harm no matter how the situation may evolve.

The Chinese government is openly acknowledging discussions with the opposition, and a newspaper seen as wanting to keep Beijing happy is giving Guaidó a prominent perch. Are these signs that the “win win” with Venezuela is based as much on economics as politics?

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Top Stories

China Should Join the New Trans-Pacific Partnership— Peterson Institute
Our friend Michael Plumer from SAIS argues that China should join the just-launched Trans-Pacific Partnership, with benefit to all sides. One catch: "But to join the CPTPP, China would have to undertake unprecedented reforms and manage complex political challenges.”

SoftBank Is Said to Prep Latam Fund Run by COO Claure— Bloomberg
SoftBank to launch new Latin American investment program— Contxto
Is SoftBank next? The Japan-based conglomerate is rumored to be setting up an investment fund for Latin America run by Bolivian-American COO Marcelo Claure.

En el nuevo "Gran Juego" del litio, Alemania adelanta a China en Bolivia— La Tercera
Autos eléctricos: la Argentina quiere ser el segundo productor mundial de litio, el futuro "petróleo blanco”— Todo Noticias
The “great game” for “white oil” has Germany taking a bigger stake in Bolivia’s lithium reserves than China, and Argentina looking to be #1.

México abrió el mercado chino para el aguacate y Pekín compra hoy 30,000 toneladas de este fruto— El Economista 
China buys 30,000 tons of avocados from Mexico.

Volumen de comercio China-América Latina supera 300.000 millones de dólares en 2018— Xinhua
China’s General Administration of Customs says trade with Latin America was up 19% last year, to $307m dollars. They point to the growth of high-value products such as frozen meats, fruits, flowers, alcohol, and tobacco as driving the increase.

AI startup Yitu Technology opens R&D center in Singapore— TechNode

"Megvii has its eyes on South America, following plans to this year “empower various industries” in Brazil with AI."

China may have to resume U.S. soybean purchases in weeks: Oil World— Reuters

“China has to resume purchases of U.S. soybeans,” Oil World said in its latest newsletter. “The South American supply shortage will make it necessary for China, in our opinion, to import 15 million tonnes of U.S. soybeans in October 2018/March 2019, even if the current trade war is not resolved.”

Brasil vai retomar conversas de alto nível com China, pode ajudar agronegócio— Extra Online
Brasil e China decidem reativar comissão bilateral— Globo
Brazil and China are relaunching the Sino-Brazilian High Level Commission (“Cosban” in Portuguese) for the end of this year.

China — LAC

China's military-run space station in Argentina is a 'black box’— Reuters

What Soybean Politics Tell Us About Argentina and China— NYT

China ya no es el inversionista minero número uno del Perú— El Comercio

China desplaza a Perú como mayor productor de pota pero pescaría en aguas nacionales— Gestión

El Senasa aprobó la exportación de tabaco desde Tucumán a China— La Gaceta

Blue Pop: arándanos chilenos se venden como snack en los cines de China— Diario Estrategia

Chilean blueberries used as a cinema snack in China— Fresh Plaza

China y México buscan consolidar vínculos en 2019— Excelsior

Más carne argentina hacia China y Rusia— El Observador

América Latina principal comprador de acero Chino en 2018— Logistica y Transporte

Prevén México y China inversión por 25mmdd para infaestructura— La Jornada

China a longo prazo— Globo

Peru: Arequipa exported 6,400 tons of grapes abroad— Fresh Plaza

Chinese-Jamaica partnership on sports bears fruits— Jamaica Observer

China's Outbound M&A In Brazil To Pick Up, Despite President's Recent Jabs— Forbes

More Panamanian pineapples for the Chinese market — Fresh Plaza  

Chancay fits China investment strategy— Port Strategy

Caribbean Urged To Tap Chinese Tourism Market— The Gleaner

Rising demand for Uruguay's premium meat in China— MENAFN

Korea — LAC

La negociación de un TLC está sobre la mesa— El Economista

Designan embajadores argentinos en Ucrania y Corea— El Intransigente

Peru: Hass avocados to arrive in S. Korea and open four more markets — Fresh Plaza 

KOTRA withdraws Venezuela office amid turmoil— The Korea Herald 

Peru: Grape shipments increased by 40%— Fresh Plaza

Japan — LAC

Como fortalecer a relação entre Japão e América Latina— Folha

Macri festejó que se vende dulce de leche de Argentina en Japón— Diagonales

India — LAC

U.S. Oil Sanctions On Venezuela Could Be An Energy Windfall For India And China— Forbes

Quinua peruana ingresaría a Colombia, China e India— Mercados y Regiones

India keen to triple exports to Argentina, eyes additional $1.5 bn trade— The Economic Times

India Keeps Oil Trade With Venezuela— Financial Tribune

India Remains One of Largest Importers of Venezuela's Oil - Source— Sputnik News

Opportunities Abound: India has to take the lead with Argentina in the Defence Sector— Financial Express

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

Why Australian mining should expand to Peru— Best in AU


Brazil's fragrance brand eyes Saudi market— Khaleej Times

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China FDI keeps going, but will the music stop?

阅读更多关于此新闻的文章,请点击链接: 中国OFDI持续增长,但这将会维持多久?

China’s FDI in Latin America seems to be continuing unabated. Cosco Shipping announced (中国远洋海运 集团要闻 中远海运收购秘鲁钱凯码头60%股份) this week that it is moving forward with the Chancay port project. On the sidelines of Davos, the Chinese shipping conglomerate held a signing ceremony with local partner Volcan Minera where it agreed to acquire a 60% stake in Chancay for $225m (中远再拿海外码头:2.25亿美元购秘鲁钱凯码头60%股份_10%公司_澎湃新闻).

Cosco’s plans for Chancay will transform shipping and economic activity for the central coast of Peru. Cosco's plans foresee a $3b port that will become "a transportation hub for the entire South Pacific” (中资控股后,秘鲁钱凯港将被打造成南太平洋交通枢纽).

Peru isn't alone. Across the continent, China’s ambassador in Brasília is chomping at the bit to see what comes out of the new government of Jair Bolsonaro’s privatization plans. Chinese corporates are eyeing airports and railways (巴西政府拟私有化更多机场和铁路 扩大铁路建设投资), as well as Petrobras (巴西国油面临“部分”私有化).

Even with a slew of port purchases, it may not all be smooth sailing. In the past several months there have been signs that the Chinese economy is slowing, with some saying that GDP growth for 2018 was well less than the officially announced 6.6%. And 2019 portends to be no better. As a result, Chinese corporates - both private and state-owned - have begun pulling away from projects due to lack of liquidity.

Is this the sign of continued, deepening commitment from Chinese SOEs to Latin America? Or is this the last gasp before China reorients to a more internally-looking role?

Top Stories

Asahi, la cerveza más popular de Japón, apuesta a la Argentina— El Cronista

Asahi is moving into Argentina. The Japanese beer brand (which also owns Grolsh and Peroni), has opened up a subsidiary in Argentina.

Argentina concretó la primera exportación de cerezas hacia China— Clarín 

Apertura china a las cerezas: por qué tener todo listo antes de febrero— Mendoza Online 

Argentine cherries are now going to China via air.

Gruma, Metalsa y SuKarne buscan aprovechar el CPTPP— El Economista

Crea CPTPP escudo para afrontar a China— El Norte

“El Perú se integrará mejor a las cadenas globales de valor”— El Peruano

More news on TPP, with Gruma and other Mexican companies eyeing Southeast Asia.

Perú y China iniciarán en abril reuniones para optimizar TLC bilateral— Gestión

Peru and China will begin negotiating Free Trade Agreement (FTA) 2.0 in April.

Chile llega a un acuerdo con la minera de litio Albemarle— Minería en línea

Chile’s CORFO development agency has come to a deal with Albemarle for the latter to provide up to one quarter of its annual lithium production for the supply-chain value-added industry project.

China’s Mobike will rename to Meituan Bike as its parent takes the wheel— Tech Crunch

Mobile is being renamed Meituan Bike to be closer aligned to its parent company. Given the parent has no other presence in Latin America, we wonder if this will extend to the programs in Mexico and Chile.

China aceita oferta de exportador de frango do Brasil para encerrar disputa, diz agência— Globo

China e Brasil resolvem disputa comercial sobre carne de frango— Mercado

China aceita oferta de exportador de frango do Brasil para encerrar caso antidumping— Extra

End to the chicken war? China and Brazil have come to terms, and Brazil can export chicken to China again.

FMI reduz projeção de crescimento para América Latina em 2019— Valor

Trade war slowing growth in Latin America.

El canciller argentino acusó a China de apoyar a Maduro por plata— Política Argentina

Colombia espera que Rusia y China no interfieran en la transición democrática en Venezuela— El Espectador

Perú insta a Rusia y China a "reflexionar" sobre su apoyo a Maduro— T13

A Bolivarian Spring— TT Guardian

Venezuela and China: a perfect storm— Dialogo Chino 

“Todo el petróleo que China necesite Venezuela lo tiene”, dice vicepresidenta de Maduro— El Nuevo Herald

ONU: Rusia y China bloquean proyecto de EE.UU. para apoyar a Juan Guaidó— 24 Horas

As the ongoing crisis that is Venezuela enters a new phase of dueling presidents, countries in the region warn China to rethink its support for Nicolás Maduro.

China — LAC

China quer participar de programa de privatização brasileira— Agência Brasil

Soluções jurídicas para os problemas entre Brasil e China— Consultor Jurídico

La meritocracia china y la democracia argentina— Clarín

Economía al ritmo de la China y el petróleo— La República

Con China como principal destino, crecen las exportaciones de carne argentinas— Infocielo

Diplomático sostiene que Chile trabaja con China en defensa de libre comercio y globalización— América Economía 

Revolución tecnológica china vista por uruguayos— El Pais 

Importações chinesas de soja do Brasil aumentam 126%— Globo

La consolidación del "Made in China": gigante asiático anota envíos a Chile por US$ 15.436 millones en 2018— Economía y Negocios

Energías renovables ofrecen gran potencial para extensión de lazos China-Argentina— Reve

Para lidar com a China, Bolsonaro tem um instrumento nas mãos— El Pais 

México va por relación comercial con China— Multimedios Laguna

Growth From China Fuels Methanex— Seeking Alpha

Crece interés de México y Vietnam por inversión china— El Economista 

Chilean pears expected to enter China this season—  Fresh Plaza

Chinese company to build controversial fishing complex in Uruguay— CIOB

Korea — LAC

Goiás poderá ter maior usina fotovoltaica do mundo— Suno Research

Corea del Sur y Argentina estrenan acuerdo de "working holiday”— El Diario

Mérida y Corea refuerzan su relación en los ámbitos cultural y educativo— Mi Punto de Vista

Corea del Sur y México estrecharán vínculos— KBS

Japan — LAC

Colombia y Japón trabajan en el mejoramiento genético del arroz— Portafolio

Miniso, Mumuso y Yoyoso, el boom de las tiendas asiáticas en México— Expansión 

Japón invirtió u$s 10 millones en desarrollo de pymes argentinas— El Cronista 

Japão e Brasil concordam em promover o livre comércio— Portal MIE

España, EEUU, Canadá  y Japón, los países que más invierten en Chile— El Economista América

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

Exportadores peruanos de Paltas Hass se alistan para llegar a cinco nuevos mercados— Gestión 

Australia lithium output set to soar as electric cars gather steam— Nikkei Asian Review

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Tech services growth in Latin America 

阅读更多关于此新闻的文章,请点击链接: 科技服务业在拉丁美洲日渐增长的机遇

Tencent is reporting (外媒:滴滴在压力中重组 运营重点转向安全和用户体验) that Didi Chuxing is working on providing credit to drivers in Brazil. Didi plans to provide this through its relationship with local start-up Hub Fintech, which it inherited from 99 in last year’s acquisition.

Hub Fintech is part of Hub Prepaid, a low profile provider of pre-paid credit cards to partners as diverse as Caixa Econômica Federal, Wal-Mart, and Luiza Magazine. It is backed by Carlos Wizard Martins’ Grupo Sforza holding company. Hub partnered with 99 to allow drivers to avoid having to carry around large amounts of cash and thus become targets of theft. The article quotes an unnamed Didi staffer: “We believe that ‘cashless’ is the solution and the future for Latin America, and we hope to be part of it.”

Just last week we flagged the e-commerce executive course Alibaba is offering to Brazilian entrepreneurs for the first time. But the real opportunity for growth in the tech space is not by trying to compete against incumbent global (or soon-to-be global) players, but by complementing them through providing services and given them a platform to grow in Latin America.

According to two Didi staffers quoted in the Tencent article, in 2019 Didi is planning to expand their business in the region to Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. It looks like Hub Fintech is going to catch a ride with Didi.

Top Stories

通讯:阿根廷总统新年视察中企承建项目— 新华网

Presidente argentino destaca construcción de hidroeléctricas en cooperación con China— Xinhua 

Argentina destaca inversión en hidroeléctrica con China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC)— Energía Limpia Para Todos

Mauricio Macri pays visit to China Gezhouba Group’s Cóndor Cliff and La Barrancosa dam projects in Santa Cruz. Interestingly, Xinhua still calls them by their original names: Nestor Kirchner and Jorge Cepernic.

巴西特里斯皮尔斯二期项目投入商运 工期创造新纪录— 中国一带一路网

Phase II of State Grid’s Teresopolis project came online in Brazil. Interestingly, it’s reported on China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) website. Sign of things to come?

意大利国家电力公司向中广核出售旗下三座巴西可再生能源发电厂— 中国金融信息网

China’s CGN to buy three Enel wind and solar assets in Brazil— Renewable Energy News

Enel sells Brazilian PV plants totaling 450 MW to China’s CGNEI— PV Magazine

Chinesa especialista em energia nuclear compra usinas renováveis no Brasil por R$ 2,9 bi— Folha de São Paulo

Empresa da China compra usinas renováveis no Brasil por quase 3 bilhões— Renova Mídia

Una empresa argentina firmó un acuerdo para lanzar 90 satélites al espacio— La Nación 

Satellogic acuerda con empresa china lanzar 90 satélites— iprofesional

Argentina’s Satellogic — which Tencent has a stake in — has inked a deal with Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) to launch 90 micro satellites to provide weekly satellite data on the earth. The first satellites will go up on a Long March 6 rocket at the end of 2019.

中巴建交后首个高等教育交流项目 今天33名学生毕业了— 名城新闻网

33 Panamanian students graduated from the first higher education exchange program since China and Panama established diplomatic relations.

秘鲁环境监管机构责令首钢秘鲁公司关停部分设备— 兰格钢铁网

OEFA ordena a Shougang paralizar transporte y almacenamiento de minerales— Mercados y Regiones

Peru’s Organismo de Evaluación y Fiscalización Ambiental (OEFA) has told Shougang Hierro mining company to stop the transportation and storage operations at the Marcona iron mine due to environmental concerns in San Nicolas Bay.

Vietnam será líder en abasto de calzado hacia México por el CPTPP— El Economista 

El TPP-11 y el desarrollo en Chile: ¿aliados o adversarios?— CIPER

Exportaciones a CPTPP crecen al doble: SE— Dinero, Negocios y Finanzas

Vietnam toma ventaja sobre China en calzado— Opportimes

México reduce aranceles a los productos 'Made in Vietnam’— Expansión

Aumentan cupo de carne de cerdo de México a Japón— Opportimes 

Ministro de Comercio Exterior viaja a Japón para reunión del CPTPP— Perú 21

Perú ratificaría CPTPP en el primer trimestre del 2019— América Economía

Everyone has rosy projections for benefits from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); Peru will join this quarter.

A cheery tale of Chilean cherries— The Economist

Chile “cherry” II: The Economist aborda el auge de las cerezas chilenas y la famosa “trampa de ingresos medios”— La Tercera

Is The Economistbiting our rhymes? A write-up of Chile’s cherry effort in China.

SBS autorizó a Bank of China para iniciar operaciones en el Perú— La República

Bank of China gets the green light to begin operations in Peru.

This metal is powering today's technology—at what price?— National Geographic Magazine

The lithium revolution gets the yellow-bordered treatment.

S. Korea, Japan, China to Discuss Latin America Policies — KBS

Director general-level diplomats from South Korea, China and Japan got together to discuss Latin America policy. When are Latin American foreign ministries going to return the favor?

The Belt, the Road, and Latin America — FPRI

A view from Miami on the BRI in Latin America.

Países asiáticos se posicionan como principales destinos de exportación para el Perú— El Comercio

China, South Korea and India are all in the top five biggest export markets for Peruvian products. Copper is the biggest export to China, liquid natural gas (LNG) to Korea, and gold to India.

Evergreen abre cuatro nuevas oficinas en América Latina— Mundo Marítimo 

Shipping company Evergreen sees more flow coming between the Pacific Alliance and Asia. It is opening offices in Peru, Chile, and Mexico in the coming months, after just opening one in Colombia.

贸易战阴影下中国大豆播种面积将增加— 多维网

中国会恢复进口美国大豆吗?农业农村部:今年总量有保障— 搜狐

U.S. should counter China’s economic aggression in Latin America with economic and cultural engagement— Miami Herald

¿Debe elegir nuestro país entre Estados Unidos y China?— Clarín 

Trade war.

China — LAC

Viagem à China gera racha no PSL— A Agência

PSL quer reconhecimento facial da China em locais públicos no Brasil— Tecnoblog

Alvo de críticas, comitiva do PSL na China cobra apoio do governo— Folha de São Paulo

50% of China's avocado imports come from Chile— Fresh Plaza

Gremio de aguacates chileno destaca alta presencia de esta fruta en China— Xinhua 

La desaceleración de China amenaza a la economía peruana— Semana Económica

Cerezas chilenas quieren hacer más rojo el Año Nuevo lunar en China— Xinhua

México busca exportar sorgo para consumo humano al mercado de China— Tribuna 

México y China formarán marinos mercantes— Diario de Querétaro

Diplomacia china: no hay cena gratis—

PM meets with Chinese companies— Loop TT

Presentan programa de la Semana China en Mérida— Pulso San Luís 

O futuro dos negócios com o gigante asiático— Jornal do Comércio 

Brasil permanece sem estratégia para a China, o seu maior parceiro— O Globo

China y su relación con Costa Rica y América Latina— A Diario CR

Brasil e China: produzir em parceria— Portgente

China es clave para optimización de ferrocarril de cargas en Argentina— Xinhua

China apuesta una renovación industrial en Latinoamérica— Globovisión

Xiaomi abrirá al menos 20 tiendas en México este año— Forbes México

Argentina moderniza su sistema ferroviario con apoyo de China— Uniradio

Presentan segundo grupo de 100 autobuses eléctricos chinos para sistema de transporte chileno— People’s Daily

China fue en 2018 el principal destino de las exportaciones agrícolas chilenas— Valencia Fruits

Ministério da Economia: Brasil quer diversificar vendas para China— Cidade Verde

"China só investe onde é bem-vinda; cuidado Brasil", diz Câmara de Comércio— UOL Online

Autoridad de Yucatán dice que México debería incentivar inversiones chinas en todo el país— América Economía 

La ruta de la seda digital— El Espectador

Uruguay takes fresh look at Chinese blues market— Fruit Net

China Supports and Urges Respect for Venezuela's Sovereignty— plenglish

Korea — LAC

Move over Mexico, South Korea now tops list as biggest importer of LNG from Sabine Pass— S&P Global

Japan — LAC

Argentina busca un acuerdo en Japón con los tenedores de bonos “samurái” en default— Clarín

Buscan ayuda de Japón para Centroamérica— Reforma

El intenso lobby de Japón para acelerar la TV digital en Chile— Diario Financiero

TV Digital: Delegación japonesa llega a Chile para impulsar el cambio tecnológico— La Tercera

Japón abrirá una Agregaduría en Chile para reforzar la cooperación militar— Infodefensa 

Colombia y Japón firman acuerdo para impulsar la solución de problemas sociales mediante las TIC— BC Noticias

India — LAC
ArcelorMittal to build its first ever desalination plant in Brazil: executives— Reuters

Sostienen que reconocimiento de la India al pisco, como originario del Perú, impulsará ventas en Asia— América Economía 

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

Brasil planeja fim da exigência de visto a EUA, Canadá, Japão e Austrália— Exame


Uruguay traspasó a China la presidencia de IRENA— PV Magazine

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Mexico declares war on... ProMéxico?

阅读更多关于此新闻的文章,请点击链接: 墨西哥将向自己的ProMéxico宣战?

The ongoing trade war against the world pushed by US President Donald Trump has made Mexico and China look too each other. Sub-secretary for International Trade Luz María de la Mora said just this past week that the “unfortunate war… is an opportunity for China and Mexico to look to strengthen [our] connections.”

But while the Sub-secretary is pushing to strengthen trade relations between the two countries, her colleagues at the Secretariat of Economy (SE) are taking steps to undermine Mexico’s trade opportunities with China, Korea, and the world. 

The beginning of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) term has been overshadowed by the long lines of cars and shortages of gasoline in his battle against the huachicoleros (gasoline bootleggers, if you will). One of the announcements that has flown under the radar is AMLO’s decision to close down the 47 international offices of ProMéxico — the investment promotion arm of the Secretariat of Economy —as soon as next month. The work of those offices is expected to be picked up by the existing embassies and consulates of the Secretariat of External Relations.

As we mentioned last week, this move is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Trade and investment promotion agencies (TPAs) are the unsung heroes of the opportunities of globalization. At their best, promotion agencies are able to fundamentally change the relationships between two countries. Chile Week China is the example we point to most often, but TPAs across Latin America are a key part of a strategy to deepen private-sector connections with the world.

And now the Mexican diplomatic corps is fighting back. In a surprising set of on-the-record criticisms of their boss AMLO, and his Secretaries of Foreign Relations (SRE head Marcelo Ebrard) and Economy (SE chief Graciela Márquez Colín), Mexican Ambassadors are saying shuttering ProMéxico is a bad idea. Per Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pría: “we are going to lose all our power to promote, and all our capacity.”

With stakeholders on both sides now openly pushing on whether to keep ProMéxico’s international offices open, North American observers see an echo of the 2012 struggle to reauthorize the US Export-Import Bank. But is it too late? SRE and SE are already moving forward, so a rethink has to come soon. Says Mexican Ambassador to South Korea Bruno Figueroa Fisher: “a decision has to be made, in less than two weeks."

Top Stories

LA POSITIVA纳入中国复星控股葡萄牙保险公司旗下— 中国侨网

Multinacional Fosun diz que Portugal "acolhe bem" o investimento chinês— Diário de Noticias 

Fosun is happy with its investment in Portugal’s Fidelidade, and the reach that gives them in Latin America. They closed on their stake in Peru’s La Positiva on December 31.

Puertos de Dubai se hace de principales terminales en Chile— Merco Press

Gigante de Dubai llega a puertos chilenos tras comprar 71% del grupo Matte— El Dínamo 

DP World has shelled out $502n for the 71% stake the local Matte family holds in Chilean port operator Puertos y Logística S.A. (Pulogsa).

China Is Fueling Latin America’s Tech Boom— Bloomberg

Gigantes chinesas investem no boom tecnológico da América Latina— UOL

Cómo China se está metiendo en el boom tecnológico de Latinoamérica— Yahoo Finanzas 

With US on sidelines, China drives Latin America mobile tech boom— Asia Times

The four key LatAm fintech trends for 2019— iupana

Alibaba Executive Course Agenda— Chinnovation

China + tech + Latin America = pieces everyone retweeted this week.However, the e-commerce “Executive Course” offered by Alibaba to Brazilians is a new approach, and one that could be very well received.

China afianza la cooperación con América Latina con la iniciativa de la Franja y la Ruta— Mundo Marítimo 

China se acerca a América Latina a través de la Franja y la Ruta— Loginews

Is China fine-tuning its Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) approach to Latin America?

EEUU analiza suspender TLC con El Salvador por acercamiento con China— El Mundo

Ernesto Araújo vê China como modelo para relações exteriores brasileiras— Istoé

America’s Lost Markets— WSJ

Posibles sanciones de EU a RD— Listin Diario

¿Debe elegir nuestro país entre Estados Unidos y China?— Clarín 

Trade war - El Salvador and the Dominican Republic are worried that Trump’s government will suspend CAFTA because they established bilateral diplomatic relations with Beijing.

学者热议的这本《约会巴拿马》,受到巴拿马总统点赞— 长江日报

“Scholars Hotly Discuss from《Have a Date with Panama》 to China-Latin America Public Diplomacy at The Charhar Institute”

Editorial: While America slept, China gained a stranglehold on the Panama Canal — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Everyone’s looking at the China-Panama relationship.

Foton da China estuda investir em fábrica de caminhões no Brasil— Automotive Business 

Brasil con más buses eléctricos de China BYD— Energia limpia para todos

BYD and Foton looking at Brazil.

China — LAC

银河资源:已收到阿根廷SaldeVida锂项目报价— 新浪

Galaxy Resources is looking to invest in Argentina’s Sal de Vida lithium mine.

中国能建葛洲坝集团签约秘鲁两公路项目— 国务院国有资产监督委员会

CEEC Energy China has signed two Highway upgrade projects with Lima.

Gold Anda de China se expandiría globalmente tras éxito en Chile— Portal Frutícola

Chinese developers to build US$134-million industrial park in State of Mexico— Mexico Now

China foi o maior importador de cinco dos 10 principais produtos exportados pelo Brasil em 2018— Plataforma Media

Diversificar pauta exportadora para a China, o grande desafio do comércio exterior brasileiro— Comex do Brasil

Compañía agropecuaria argentina se consolida en China— Super Campo

China desplaza a EU como primer exportador silvoagropecuario de Chile— Azteca

Dos gigantes que explican el "boom" exportador de carne argentina— La Voz

DIQE engineer interns with China Railway— TT Newsday

Perú y China fortalecen relaciones— El Peruano

China and Latin America: A relationship transformed— China Dialogue

An environmental agenda for Brazil and China— Diálogo Chino

Hanergy Ranks First in New Energy Sector, Featuring among China's Top 500 Listed Companies— CISION

Empresa china líder en comercialización de vehículos pesados presenta su oferta en Ecuador— China Radio International 

Korea — LAC

Costa Rica-Korea commerce to rise with CABEI entry, FTA  — The Korea Herald

India — LAC

India-Brazil Technical Cooperation for Higher Production of Indigenous Breeds— Krishijagran

India’s law enforcement mulls coming to Antigua for accused fraudster— Antigua Observer

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