What We're Reading – 16 Sep 2016

“With that money... we could build a lot of projects to benefit Peruvians"
Peru surprised by China's $60 bln price tag on railway -minister (Reuters)

"When Hillary Clinton coughs, the Mexican peso gets tuberculosis."
Mexican Peso Slides to Record Low as Clinton Flags in U.S. Polls (Bloomberg)

Kirin looking for a partner for it’s Brazil assets - Kampai! 
Japonesa Kirin Holdings confirma busca de parceiro para Brasil Kirin (Valor)

News about news - Globo buys 50% of Valor from Folha de São Paulo
Globo compra parte da Folha no Valor (Brazil Journal) 

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What We're Reading – 15 Sep 2016

Siemens all in on energy investments in Argentina.
Siemens Agrees to $5.6 Billion Argentina Infrastructure Plan (Bloomberg)

Someone tell the FT we aren’t calling Latin America “our own backyard” anymore.
US investment in its backyard in decline (FT)

Avianca, canary in the airline consolidation coal mine?
Airline Giants Craving Latin America Foothold Eye Avianca Deal (Bloomberg)

As the Peso hits new low, Hacienda says it’s not sweating Trump.
No estamos seguros de que “efecto Trump” pegue al peso: Meade (El Universal)

Would love to be a fly on the wall for this conversation.
El Papa recibirá a Menem en El Vaticano (Ambito) 

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What We’re Reading — 11 July 2016

Peru’s President-Elect Picks Beer Executive for Prime Minister (WSJ)

When you’re worth $466b, everything seems cheap.
Why Did China Grossly Overpay For A Utility In Brazil? (Yahoo)

Mitsubishi just mad about Mariel.
Mitsubishi scouts for Cuba infrastructure projects (Japan News)

Out of six candidates for Head of the Brazilian lower house, four are being investigated.
Favoritos na Câmara têm pendências judiciais (Estadão)

KYC rears it’s ugly head.
Bank of America to sever ties with Guyana banks (Jamaica Gleaner)

Many years of happiness together!
Pele marries for the third time (Associated Press) 

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What We’re Reading — 27 June 2016

Let’s see if this turns out better than the Brazil-Peru one...
Guyana and Brazil look to China to finance jungle highway (Miami Herald)

9 years and $5.4b in the making, opened without a hitch
Panama Inaugurates Expanded Canal (WSJ)

Betteridge's law of headlines: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no."
¿Es inevitable la corrupción en la Argentina? (La Nación)

Waiting in lines becoming the national sport
Venezuelans Wait in Long Lines to Advance Potential Recall Referendum (WSJ) 

Messi ending marks Chile's win at Copa América
Chile "jubiló" a Messi: "Se terminó la selección para mí” (La Tercera)

There’s a Cheech & Chong joke in here somewhere
While no one was looking, East L.A. got transplanted to Brazil — lowriders, taco trucks and all (LA Times) 

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