What We’re Reading — 23 Aug 2016

S&P and Moody’s lower outlook for Mexico and Banorte to “negative”...
S&P baja perspectiva crediticia de México por deuda alta (El Universal)
Moody’s baja a “negativa” perspectiva de banca mexicana (El Universal)

... growth shrinks in Q2; Mexico now lucky if GDP grows 2.5% in 2016 — this doesn’t help.
SHCP ajusta a la baja su pronóstico de PIB (El Financiero)

Maduro hoping oil will go from $50 to $70/bbl.
Venezuela to push for a deal at Algeria meet (Gulf News)

Also a big step towards the OECD - Argentina should pass it.
Argentina's Quiet (Giant) Step Against Corruption (Americas Quarterly)

Low prices for imports from FTAs turning Chile into the new Miami? Maybe if you don’t like the beach.
¿Por qué Chile se convirtió en el nuevo Miami?

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