Rio de Janeiro

What We’re Reading — 22 Aug 2016

Despite everything, Rio is better off now than when it won the Olympics bid...
Futuro claro para o Rio, apesar de tudo (Globo) 

…not Dilma, though, who is expected to be impeached and step down next week.
After Olympics Spectacle, Brazil’s Focus Shifts Back to Political Saga (WSJ)

Barra Shopping’s holdco looking to seize on Olympic obsession with Barra with follow-on issuance.
Multiplan prepara oferta de ações (Brazil Journal)

EPN claims they’re merely “style errors;” they’re definitely errors.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto 'plagiarised thesis’ (BBC)

In a bid to improve it’s chances at UN Sec Gen, Costa Rica to host refugees from the Northern Triangle.
Seizing our Moment in Central America (Univision) 

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What We’re Reading — 3 Aug 2016

Danny Ortega doubles down on his Evita revival.
Nicaragua: Ortega names his wife as running mate(BBC)

Maduro doubles down on insane economic policies.
Venezuela Shakes up Cabinet, Appoints Drug-Indicted General (Bloomberg)

Not because they want to, but because Venezuela needs the food.
Jamaica is paying its oil debts to Venezuela with food (The Independent)

Outback finds the onions Bloomin’ in Brazil.
Para o Outback, o filezinho é o Brasil (Brazil Journal)

Indiana Jones-level environmental policy.
Raiding an Illegal Gold-Mining Ring in Peru’s Amazon Jungle? Easy. Getting There? Next to Impossible. (NYT)

Overtime for everyone running the kiosks on Ipanema?
Rio’s Traffic Jams Force Last-Minute Holiday for Olympics (WSJ) 

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What We’re Reading — 1 Aug 2016

Let’s just hope that light isn’t an oncoming train...
Brazil’s Economic Gloom Shows Signs of Lightening (WSJ)

Venezuela regulator denies telecoms requests for price hikes (Reuters)

FX is everything - it’s actually just $490.
Venezuelan currency worth Rs 32.8L seized (Times of India)

Banco Macro may be the big winner in the last 15 years of Argentina.
Argentine Banker Rides Macri Stock Rally to Become a Billionaire (Bloomberg)

With this volume and frequency, we think we’re complaining right.
You’re Complaining About The Olympics Wrong (The Awl)

Uh oh: Olympic village condom distributor investigated for fraud.
Empresa que fornece camisinhas na Vila Olímpica é investigada por fraude no Ministério do Esporte (ESPN) 

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What We’re Reading — 28 July 2016

Viva Presidente PPK - is he on his way to China yet? 
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Sworn in as Peru’s President (WSJ)

Live by the Latam subsidiaries, die by the Latam subsidiaries.
Santander profits dented by currency swings (FT)
Coca-Cola Femsa’s Second-Quarter Profit Drops (WSJ)

Cemex might be the only beneficiary of Trump’s crazy wall plans, too.
Mexico’s Cemex Net Profit Jumps in Second Quarter (WSJ)

Wanna buy a Peruvian fishery?
China Fishery’s Bankruptcy Bid Deepens Bond Pain on Peru Concern (Bloomberg)

3 Chinese tourists robbed of $10k in cash they were carrying on the streets of Rio
Assaltantes roubam R$ 40 mil de chineses na zona sul do Rio (Folha) 

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