Pacific Alliance

What We’re Reading — 6 July 2016

Pacific Alliance opening options for multi-Latinas
Mexicana Liverpool vas tras el 25,5 por ciento de la chilena Ripley (El Tiempo)

“No comment” on Renova Energia
China Three Gorges Corp eyeing wind, solar projects in Brazil (Reuters)

First Chinese bank in Mexico
Chinese banking giant ICBC opens branch in Mexico (CCTV)

Brazil corruption probes go nuclear
Ex-diretor da Eletronuclear é preso pela PF na "Operação Pripyat" por desvios em Angra 3 (O Globo)

Like the national team he just quit, looks like he’ll go all the way - but he won't.
Lionel Messi handed jail term in Spain for tax fraud (BBC) 

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What We’re Reading — 5 July 2016

Argentina eyeing Pacific Alliance
Latin American co-operation scales new heights (FT)

That’s not what all those protesting cops and firemen say
Rio Officials Insist City Will Be Ready for Olympics (WSJ)

Bright idea
China’s State Grid to Pay $1.8 Billion for Big Stake in Brazil’s CPFL (Reuters)

Doc Brown would be impressed at how many gigawatts this is
China's Three Gorges pays 4.8 billion reais, takes over Brazil dams (Reuters)

Short answer: it’ll swing back. Better answer: the left-right dichotomy is BS, anyway
The pendulum swings: Here's how Latin America has shifted politically over the years (LA Times) 

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What We’re Reading — June 9, 2016

You knew Elliott Management was going to show up at some point
US hedge fund sues 'Panama Papers' law firm (AFP)

Kevin Gallagher strikes again
China becomes global leader in development finance (EM Squared)

RIP Mercosur? Argentina to be an observer at the Pacific Alliance
Giro en la política exterior: Argentina se incorporó a la Alianza del Pacífico (Infobae)

Too soon to make a ‘chino telling Peru what to do’ joke?
China opens doors to Peruvian firms seeking strategic partners (Andina)

Nuevo Leon’s getting a Kia
Kia Motors strikes deal with Mexico on incentives (Korea Herald) 

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