What We’re Reading — 22 Aug 2016

Despite everything, Rio is better off now than when it won the Olympics bid...
Futuro claro para o Rio, apesar de tudo (Globo) 

…not Dilma, though, who is expected to be impeached and step down next week.
After Olympics Spectacle, Brazil’s Focus Shifts Back to Political Saga (WSJ)

Barra Shopping’s holdco looking to seize on Olympic obsession with Barra with follow-on issuance.
Multiplan prepara oferta de ações (Brazil Journal)

EPN claims they’re merely “style errors;” they’re definitely errors.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto 'plagiarised thesis’ (BBC)

In a bid to improve it’s chances at UN Sec Gen, Costa Rica to host refugees from the Northern Triangle.
Seizing our Moment in Central America (Univision) 

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What We’re Reading — 17 Aug 16

It’s voluntary until 2018, but it’s a start.
Mexico announces launch of cap-and-trade pilot program (Reuters)

Cuba feels the pinch of the brain drain.
Cuba steps up campaign against U.S. immigration policies (McClatchy)

Chile moves to cover the shortfall.
Chile Awards Contracts in Its Largest Power Auction (WSJ)

A lot of steps to get there, but worth taking.
Explaining Colombia’s Peace Plebiscite (WOLA)

Bolivia becomes the latest supplier to feed the Chinese raw materials machine.
Bolivia makes first shipment of lithium to China (FT)

Of the 11 Brazilian Olympic medalists so far, 9 are military officers.
Com toda a reverência: dos 11 medalhistas brasileiros, nove são das Forças Armadas (Correio Brasiliense) 

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What We’re Reading — 15 Aug 2016

A move you think would have happened *before* the Olympics.
Heineken próxima de comprar a Brasil Kirin (Brazil Journal)

The Donald falls; MXN rises.
Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Move Markets—in Mexico (WSJ)

The search for yield continues.
Bond Funds Turn to Emerging Markets (WSJ)

Buy low: check.
A Private Equity Firm Dares to Buy in Brazil Amid Recession (Bloomberg)

Margaret Myers' op-ed would be scarier if they *weren’t* worried. 
Venezuela’s friends in Beijing worried (Miami Herald)

The worry goes both ways.
Otaviano Canuto, IMF: China’s Spill-Overs on Latin America and the Caribbean (CFI.co)

Mexico’s search for fuel continues.
Korea Gas to build LNG import terminal and gas pipelines in Mexico (Hydrocarbons Technology)

"My personal life, I do not speak about."
These Olympic Synchronized Divers Are in a Huge Fight Over Sex (Cosmo) 

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What We’re Reading — 10 Aug 2016

Chavismo makes it’s move to last to 2019...
Venezuela officials dash hopes of 2016 presidential recall (AP)

…by scraping together every last dollar it can.
PdV taps credit to boost oil exports to China (Argus)

Senate accepts indictment of Dilma with large enough margin to assure her impeachment.
Senado torna Dilma ré em processo de impeachment (Estadão)

Korea looks to CABEI
Korea to broaden economic cooperation with development bank in Central American (Korea Herald)

Mexican government hangs up on Carlos Slim
Mexico’s Richest Man Confronts a New Foe: The State That Helped Make Him Rich (NYT)

Brazilian and Argentine authorities to meet about their fans fighting in Rio
Preocupação com brigas cresce, e autoridades brasileiras e argentinas marcam encontro (O Globo) 

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