What We’re Reading — 23 Aug 2016

S&P and Moody’s lower outlook for Mexico and Banorte to “negative”...
S&P baja perspectiva crediticia de México por deuda alta (El Universal)
Moody’s baja a “negativa” perspectiva de banca mexicana (El Universal)

... growth shrinks in Q2; Mexico now lucky if GDP grows 2.5% in 2016 — this doesn’t help.
SHCP ajusta a la baja su pronóstico de PIB (El Financiero)

Maduro hoping oil will go from $50 to $70/bbl.
Venezuela to push for a deal at Algeria meet (Gulf News)

Also a big step towards the OECD - Argentina should pass it.
Argentina's Quiet (Giant) Step Against Corruption (Americas Quarterly)

Low prices for imports from FTAs turning Chile into the new Miami? Maybe if you don’t like the beach.
¿Por qué Chile se convirtió en el nuevo Miami?

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What We're Reading May 25, 2016

Over/Under on how long it takes Paul Singer to call AFD?
Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro State Misses Debt Payment (WSJ - May 25, 2016)

Maduro Sells the Family Jewels (Literally) 
Venezuela sells gold reserves as economy worsens (FT - May 25, 2016)

Yale and Harvard Finally Find Some Common Ground
Ivy Leaguers Keep Grip on Colombia Economy Amid Drug Chaos (Bloomberg - May 24, 2016)

Venezuela Recycles the North Korean Propaganda Machine
Venezuela’s Military in the Spotlight (NY Times - May 24, 2016) 

JBS Has Beef with Brazil (Sorry I Couldn’t Resist)
Beef King Explains Why JBS Leaving Brazil Is a Really Smart Move (Bloomberg - May 24, 2016)

"Now you tell us" they were heard muttering under their breath…
Debt repayments in crude cripple poorer oil producers (Reuters - May 24, 2016) 

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What We’re Reading - May 17, 2016

There are Two Sides...
Venezuela says better oil loans deal reached with China (Reuters — May 16, 2016)

…To Every Story
China says it reached consensus with Venezuela on financial cooperation (Reuters — May 17, 2016)

Danilo Gets Four More
Opposition Figure Concedes in Dominican Republic Presidential Race (WSJ — May 17, 2016)

Venezuela Turning from Survivor to Mad Max
Armed Gangs Confound Venezuela’s Bid to Exploit Gold Mines  (WSJ — May 17, 2016) 

Ilan's Turn to Do the Impossible
Brazil taps veteran economist as central bank chief (FT — May 17, 2016)

Next up: welcoming back Jeremy Clarkson?
Argentina says Falklands no longer main issue in UK relationship (FT — May 17, 2016)

The Atlantic Plays “State the Obvious"
Venezuela Is Falling Apart (The Atlantic — May 12, 2016)

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What We're Reading - May 10, 2016

In the wake of the sovereign return to the market, here comes everyone
Argentina's Supervielle Prepares to Raise $190 Million in IPO (Bloomberg — 10 May 2016)

Waldir Maranhão didn't say “no backsies” - Dilma now goes to the Supremes to catch a break
Dead-of-Night Reversal Puts Brazil Impeachment Back on Track (Bloomberg — 10 May 2016)

We’ve been saying that for years
¡Hasta la victoria (Secret) siempre! (La Razón — 10 May 2016)

6 companies didn’t put down their deposits on round one of the Mexican oil auction
Abandonan 6 contratos de ronda petrolera (Reforma — 10 May 2016)

A good wind blows strong in Mexico
Sociedad chino-mexicana invertirá unos US$120 millones en parque eólico en Yucatán (América Economia — 9 May 2016) 

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