Mossack Fonseca

What We’re Reading — June 15, 2016

#Panamapapers leaker busted?
Un informaticien de Mossack Fonseca arrêté à Genève (Le Temps)

Maduro willing to talk to anyone to try to get out of this crisis
Exclusive: Venezuela in talks with China for grace period in oil-for-loans deal (Reuters)
US and Venezuela to hold high-level talks to ease crisis (FT)

CFK’s Public Works Minister busted with a trunk full of hundred dollar bills
Argentina ex-minister arrested over cash bags at monastery (BBC)

Lava Jato washes up in Singapore
Court papers allege Singapore firms paid over $9.5m in bribes for Petrobras contracts (Splash 247)

Never have inflation figures been so exciting
Las cifras del nuevo Indec, tras ocho años de manipulación de datos: la inflación de mayo fue del 4,2% (La Nación)

3x3 score is a win for Mexico
Antigraft Legislation Advances in Mexico’s Congress (WSJ) 

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What We're Reading - April 4, 2016

At this rate, not even Messi is safe
Massive leak exposes how the wealthy and powerful hide their money (McClatchy — 3 April 2016)
A well-connected Mexican tycoon stashes a fortune overseas (McClatchy — 3 April 2016)
Panama Papers: Lionel Messi, the small Kaiser (Süddeutsche Zeitung — 4 April 2016)

Good luck with that
Brazil's Odebrecht hopes to renegotiate $9.83 billion in debt: paper (Reuters — 2 April 2016)

Insert obligatory ‘Fitzcarraldo’ joke here
Lost in Nicaragua, a Chinese Tycoon’s Canal Project (NYT — 4 April 2016)

Nobody’s buying what they’re selling
Tickets to the 2016 Olympics aren't selling, and Brazil is scrambling to boost demand (CNNMoney — 3 April 2016)
Dilma entrega nesta segunda defesa à Comissão de Impeachment (Estadão — 3 April 2016)

More on how to do it...
Insider’s Account of How Graft Fed Brazil’s Political Crisis (NYT — 3 April 2016)

Cuts at Codelco keep Chileans chipper
Scissor-Hands CEO Is Hero for Chile and Villain for Copper Bulls (Bloomberg — 3 April 2016)

Keepin’ KIAs in Querétaro?
South Korea seeks new bilateral trade deal with Mexico (Reuters — 3 April 2016)

Charge it to my Lithium card
Bolivia, India to Share Wider Bilateral Ties with Eyes on Credit (Latin American Herald Tribune — 2 April 2016)

Apparently not an April Fool’s joke
Artist Says Brazilian Protesters Copied His Giant Rubber Duck (NYT — 1 April 2016) 

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