What We're Reading — 14 Sep 2016

There go Lula's 2018 plans.
‘Lula é o comandante máximo do esquema de corrupção’, diz procurador da Lava Jato (Estadão)

Brazil and Argentina make their first move to squeeze Venezuela out of Mercosur.
Venezuela Blocked From Assuming Presidency of Mercosur (WSJ)

PPK looks to China. But you knew that, because you read this blog.
Peru’s New Leader Breaks Tradition and Looks West for Investment (Bloomberg)

OTPP Out of BTG stake.
Canadenses vendem posição no BTG (Brazil Journal)

T&T needs more LNG STAT.
Dealing with the natural gas supply problem in Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad Guardian) 

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What We’re Reading — 29 July 2016

Petrobras begins to right the ship
Petrobras Makes its Biggest Oil Field Sale Ever to Statoil (Bloomberg)

Lula finally formally charged for obstructing Lava Jato, feels 2018 chances slipping through his fingers
Lula vira réu (Estadão)

Mercosur, more rudderless than ever, as members can’t agree whether to let Venezuela preside
El Mercosur, en crisis: la presidencia quedó vacante por la falta de consenso sobre Venezuela (La Nación)

Just when you thought the Venezuelan people couldn’t suffer any more
Venezuela has a new 'forced labor' law that can require people to work in fields (VICE)

What Mandarin for ‘picanha'?
Beef Export Bonanza for Brazil as Chinese Eat More Foreign Steak (Bloomberg) 

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What We’re Reading — 25 July 2016

Is it darkest before the dawn? Brazil hopes so.
Brazil’s Economic Gloom Shows Signs of Lightening (WSJ)

Sadia Halal’s MENA operations going to market.
Brazil’s BRF Is Said to Eye $1.5 Billion IPO for Sadia Unit (Bloomberg)

And you think your nephews are deadbeats.
Prosecutor: Venezuela first lady's nephews confess drug deal (Washington Post)

Speaking of deadbeats, Venezuela owes Brazilian companies $3b.
Venezuela deve US$ 3 bi a empresas brasileiras (Valor)

Plan A to get out of jail didn’t work, so now for Plan B.
Peru's Jailed Former President Alberto Fujimori Seeks Pardon (NYT)

Statements you wouldn’t think needed to be made...
Paraguay and Brazil reiterate “Venezuela is a non full member of Mercosur” (Mercopress) 

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What We’re Reading — June 9, 2016

You knew Elliott Management was going to show up at some point
US hedge fund sues 'Panama Papers' law firm (AFP)

Kevin Gallagher strikes again
China becomes global leader in development finance (EM Squared)

RIP Mercosur? Argentina to be an observer at the Pacific Alliance
Giro en la política exterior: Argentina se incorporó a la Alianza del Pacífico (Infobae)

Too soon to make a ‘chino telling Peru what to do’ joke?
China opens doors to Peruvian firms seeking strategic partners (Andina)

Nuevo Leon’s getting a Kia
Kia Motors strikes deal with Mexico on incentives (Korea Herald) 

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