What We're Reading — 14 Sep 2016

There go Lula's 2018 plans.
‘Lula é o comandante máximo do esquema de corrupção’, diz procurador da Lava Jato (Estadão)

Brazil and Argentina make their first move to squeeze Venezuela out of Mercosur.
Venezuela Blocked From Assuming Presidency of Mercosur (WSJ)

PPK looks to China. But you knew that, because you read this blog.
Peru’s New Leader Breaks Tradition and Looks West for Investment (Bloomberg)

OTPP Out of BTG stake.
Canadenses vendem posição no BTG (Brazil Journal)

T&T needs more LNG STAT.
Dealing with the natural gas supply problem in Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad Guardian) 

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What We’re Reading — 29 July 2016

Petrobras begins to right the ship
Petrobras Makes its Biggest Oil Field Sale Ever to Statoil (Bloomberg)

Lula finally formally charged for obstructing Lava Jato, feels 2018 chances slipping through his fingers
Lula vira réu (Estadão)

Mercosur, more rudderless than ever, as members can’t agree whether to let Venezuela preside
El Mercosur, en crisis: la presidencia quedó vacante por la falta de consenso sobre Venezuela (La Nación)

Just when you thought the Venezuelan people couldn’t suffer any more
Venezuela has a new 'forced labor' law that can require people to work in fields (VICE)

What Mandarin for ‘picanha'?
Beef Export Bonanza for Brazil as Chinese Eat More Foreign Steak (Bloomberg) 

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What We’re Reading — 27 July 2016

Chavistas see an opportunity in dropping country risk...
Venezuela sees opportunity to tap international debt markets (Bloomberg)

…while shady Colombian trucking companies see opportunity in PDVSA.
In Venezuela's murky oil industry, the deal that went too far (Reuters)

Dilma and Lula won’t be at the Olympics, and maybe not the 2018 polls.
Dilma e Lula não irão à abertura da Olimpíada (O Globo) 
POLL NUMBERS Brazilians want new elections (Bloggings by Boz) 

As Brazil climbs out of the bottom, we’ll see more stories like this.
Real estate investors are slowly tiptoeing back into Brazil (Pensions & Investments)

Even renewables have to deal with a world of haves and have-nots.
Mexico’s Wind Farms Brought Prosperity, but Not for Everyone (NYT) 

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What We’re Reading — June 14, 2016

Lula’s odds to run in 2018 just got a lot longer
Brazil High Court Strips Ex-President Lula da Silva of Privileged Standing (WSJ)

Hard to blame price when you’re producing less of it
Venezuela: Oil shock and economic catastrophe (Al Jazeera)

Indians to make British cars in Brazil
Jaguar Land Rover opens first fully owned overseas plant in Brazil (Reuters)

Olympics looking grim
The Olympics Are Turning Rio into a Military State (Motherboard)
Rio de Janeiro experiences rise in shootings as 2016 Olympic Games approach (Southern Pulse)

After 7x1 and the Copa América, Dunga out at Seleção
CBF demite Dunga e Tite deve assumir a Seleção (Estadão) 

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