What We’re Reading — June 9, 2016

You knew Elliott Management was going to show up at some point
US hedge fund sues 'Panama Papers' law firm (AFP)

Kevin Gallagher strikes again
China becomes global leader in development finance (EM Squared)

RIP Mercosur? Argentina to be an observer at the Pacific Alliance
Giro en la política exterior: Argentina se incorporó a la Alianza del Pacífico (Infobae)

Too soon to make a ‘chino telling Peru what to do’ joke?
China opens doors to Peruvian firms seeking strategic partners (Andina)

Nuevo Leon’s getting a Kia
Kia Motors strikes deal with Mexico on incentives (Korea Herald) 

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What We’re Reading - May 16, 2016

"Policymakers would be ill advised to slack off reform,” duh.
Fragile recovery in emerging markets (FT — 16 May 2016)

If it's Monday, it must be a story about cars being made in Mexico
Kia Motors to begin production of vehicles at Mexico plant (Yonhap News — 16 May 2016)

Subway supposed to open the week before the Olympics. Right.
New Subway Line in Rio de Janeiro Faces Delay Ahead of Olympics (WSJ — 16 May 2016)

More bad rail news.
Chinese bullet train project in Venezuela stalls as alliance derails (The Japan Times — 16 May 2016)

OAS not cutting it, I guess.
Haiti, a Caribbean country, is joining the African Union (PRI — 13 May 2016) 

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What We're Reading - April 1, 2016

At this rate, not even Pele is safe
The world's richest banker has been charged with corruption (Business Insider — 1 April 2016)

Lava Jato has shed light on ‘national champions’ - how about ‘state champions,’ too?
Lava Jato começa a revelar ‘amigos do rei’ nos Estados (VEJA — 1 April 2016)

“India’s the next China” - Everyone
Latin America Pivots To India As Chinese Growth Slows (World Crunch — 31 March 2016)

Revving up
Kia Motors to start Mexico output in first half of year as scheduled (Reuters — 31 March 2016)

Ambitious goals to improve a hurting sector with great potential
Argentina’s Energy Transition: The Macri Government’s Vision (Institute of the Americas — 31 March 2016)

Following on the Sports Minister leaving with the rest of the PMDB this week... 
Head of Security Force Resigns Ahead of Rio Olympics (WSJ — 1 April 2016)

Must-read of the week
How to Hack an Election (Bloomberg Businessweek — 1 April 2016) 

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