Ilan Goldfajn

What We’re Reading - May 17, 2016

There are Two Sides...
Venezuela says better oil loans deal reached with China (Reuters — May 16, 2016)

…To Every Story
China says it reached consensus with Venezuela on financial cooperation (Reuters — May 17, 2016)

Danilo Gets Four More
Opposition Figure Concedes in Dominican Republic Presidential Race (WSJ — May 17, 2016)

Venezuela Turning from Survivor to Mad Max
Armed Gangs Confound Venezuela’s Bid to Exploit Gold Mines  (WSJ — May 17, 2016) 

Ilan's Turn to Do the Impossible
Brazil taps veteran economist as central bank chief (FT — May 17, 2016)

Next up: welcoming back Jeremy Clarkson?
Argentina says Falklands no longer main issue in UK relationship (FT — May 17, 2016)

The Atlantic Plays “State the Obvious"
Venezuela Is Falling Apart (The Atlantic — May 12, 2016)

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