House of Cards

What We're Reading - April 13, 2016

I smell Cuba's version of Papa Johns...
Cuba loosens Communist control of some restaurant cooperatives (Reuters – April 12, 2016)

This should read: Prosecutors find an office filled with paper-shredders…
Organized Crime Prosecutors Raid Panama Papers Firm Office (NY Times – April 12, 2016)

Brazil starts looking less like House of Cards and more like an episode of Survivor
A Shadow Government Emerges in Brazil as VP Temer Enters Fray (Bloomberg – April 12, 2016)

GOL’s Latest FB Post: It's nice to feel wanted again.
SkyTeam wants India’s Jet, Brazil’s Gol (Gulf News – April 12, 2016)

Argentina goes from zero to hero in the DCM world
Cuba’s creditors hire sovereign expert for debt talks (FT – April 13, 2016)

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What We're Reading - March 17, 2016

The ‘House of Cards’ analogies have been flying fast and furious in the last 24 hours...
Brazil's Lula sworn-in amid protests, judge tries to block appointment (Reuters — 17 March 2016)

Endgame of the Pacific Rubiales saga in sight.
Pacific Exploration & Production Considering Six Buyout Offers (WSJ — 16 March 2016)

As if things couldn’t get worse, Venezuela is weeks away from losing a third of its energy to drought.
Venezuela to Shut Down for a Week to Cope With Electricity Crisis (Bloomberg — 16 March 2016)

Pemex gives up monopoly on gasoline imports; 5 firms look to start next month
Buscan 5 firmas importar gasolina (Reforma — 17 March 2016)

Argentina will play nice with the IMF for the first time in a decade to get access to int’l markets.
El Gobierno aceptó que este año el FMI revise las cuentas del país (La Nación — 17 March 2016) 

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