What We're Reading - July 21, 2016

Three Gorges Turns It's Attention to Peru
Chinese, Portuguese companies sign deal to develop 206-MW San Gaban III hydro in Peru (Hydroworld.com - July 20, 2016) 

This should make things run more smoothly...
US pulls funding for Haiti elections (Bloggins By Boz - July 21, 2016) 

A man with a plan that doesn't always translate...
This Man Is Brilliant. So Why Doesn’t Mexico’s Economy Grow Faster? (AQ - July 2016

D.F.'s road to Asia runs through Delhi
Mexico chasing $14bn in bilateral trade with India (Nikkei Asian Review - July 21, 2016) 

I hope Stubhub wasn't counting on an Olympic Bump
Brazil Releases 100,000 More Olympics Tickets for Sale (WSJ - July 21, 2016) 
Now selling for reduced prices: Olympics tickets (Chicago Sun-Times - July 19, 2016) 

The RNC, not just a Send Hillary to Jail party. Who knew!
Latin America in the Republican Platform (Two Weeks Notice - July 19, 2016)

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What We’re Reading — June 6, 2016

Pedro Pablo Kaczynski looks to edge it out in Peru - but how much can he get done?
Resultados ONPE al 91%: PPK 50,32% y Keiko Fujimori 49,68% (El Comercio — 6 June 2016)

PRI takes the expected hit, but still going strong - PRD not so much
Mexico’s Ruling Party Loses Gubernatorial Races in Several States (WSJ — 6 June 2016)
Comments on the 2016 Mexican governor elections (Bloggings by Boz — 6 June 2016)

Haiti to rerun the presidential election in the fall.
Haitian elections officials say new presidential vote to take place in October (4 June 2016)

Ex-Total guy to run YPF.
Ricardo Darré es el nuevo CEO de YPF (La Nación — 6 June 2016)

Chickens come home to roost for Caixa.
Brazil’s Second-Biggest Bank Seen Needing $7 Billion Rescue Plan (Bloomberg — 6 June 2016)

Has Venezuela hit an inflection point?
Fast Paced Changes In Venezuela (The Devil’s Excrement — 5 June 2016) 

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What We're Reading - May 31, 2016

Bradesco Gets its Turn at the Car Wash
PF indicia presidente do Bradesco na Operação Pelotes (Valor - May 31, 2016) 

Marcelo Turns State’s Evidence
Marcelo Odebrecht assina delação premiada na Lava-Jato (Valor - May 31, 2016) 

Bacardi Takes One More Shot at Havana Club
Bacardi, Pernod Ricard Spar Over Rights to Rum Name (WSJ - May 30, 2016) 

Here we go again...
Haiti panel calls for re-run of presidential elections (Miami Herald - May 30, 2016) 

MUD Sends China Inc a (another) Message...
Venezuela's MUD finds a leverage point (Bloggings by boz - May 28, 2016)

Keiko vs The World
Líder de izquierda pide votar por Kuczynski para frenar a Fujimori en Perú (Reuters America Latina - May 30, 2016)

I Guess We Shoulda Seen That One Coming…
Ministro da Transparência pede demissão após gravações (O Globo - May 30, 2016)

Don’t Worry, There’s Still Aeropostal...
Lufthansa grounds flights to struggling Venezuela (FT - May 29, 2016) 
Latin America's Largest Airline Says It Is Suspending Flights to Venezuela (VICE News - May 30, 2016)  

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What We’re Reading - May 16, 2016

"Policymakers would be ill advised to slack off reform,” duh.
Fragile recovery in emerging markets (FT — 16 May 2016)

If it's Monday, it must be a story about cars being made in Mexico
Kia Motors to begin production of vehicles at Mexico plant (Yonhap News — 16 May 2016)

Subway supposed to open the week before the Olympics. Right.
New Subway Line in Rio de Janeiro Faces Delay Ahead of Olympics (WSJ — 16 May 2016)

More bad rail news.
Chinese bullet train project in Venezuela stalls as alliance derails (The Japan Times — 16 May 2016)

OAS not cutting it, I guess.
Haiti, a Caribbean country, is joining the African Union (PRI — 13 May 2016) 

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