What We’re Reading — 1 Sep 2016

Opposition claims 1 million in Caracas marched for a meaningful recall vote.
Venezuelans March in Capital to Press for Vote to Recall President (WSJ)

Same game plan as post-1990.
Cuba Turns to Foreign Investors as Cheap Venezuelan Oil Fades (Bloomberg)

Coming to sell off transmission lines - hopes to get $500m
Cemig anuncia oferta de Taesa, que pode chegar a R$1,6 bilhão (Brazil Journal)

We like PPK, but let’s give him more than a month in office before judging his record.
Down on Clinton and Trump? There's a Guy in Peru … (Bloomberg View)

No one came out of yesterday’s meeting looking good - but EPN got played.
Neither Trump Nor Peña Nieto Should Be President (Two Week’s Notice) 

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What We’re Reading — 31 Aug 2016

What a day - within minutes of each other: Temer was sworn in as President of Brazil after Dilma’s impeachment; and EPN held a press conference with Donald Trump.
Temer toma posse em cerimônia rápida no Congresso (Valor)
Un conversación abierta y constructiva, dice Peña Nieto sobre su reunión con Donald Trump (Animal Politico)

Also today: JetBlue Flight 387 landed at Abel Santamaría Airport in Santa Clara, Cuba.
Scheduled Flights to Cuba From U.S. Begin Again, Now With Jet Engines (NYT)

Temer’s next stop: China.
Depois da posse (Estadão)

Petrobras goes looking to China for financing.
Petrobras negocia novas fontes de recursos na China (Valor)

Next on Latam's political agenda: tomorrow’s opposition rally in Venezuela.
Venezuela Cracks Down on Opposition Before Massive Rally (WSJ) 

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What We’re Reading — 22 Aug 2016

Despite everything, Rio is better off now than when it won the Olympics bid...
Futuro claro para o Rio, apesar de tudo (Globo) 

…not Dilma, though, who is expected to be impeached and step down next week.
After Olympics Spectacle, Brazil’s Focus Shifts Back to Political Saga (WSJ)

Barra Shopping’s holdco looking to seize on Olympic obsession with Barra with follow-on issuance.
Multiplan prepara oferta de ações (Brazil Journal)

EPN claims they’re merely “style errors;” they’re definitely errors.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto 'plagiarised thesis’ (BBC)

In a bid to improve it’s chances at UN Sec Gen, Costa Rica to host refugees from the Northern Triangle.
Seizing our Moment in Central America (Univision) 

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What We're Reading — 9 Aug 2016

And just when we thought the Olympics would be boring...
Brazilian Judge Rejects Using Law to Block Protests at Olympics (WSJ - August 9, 2016)

How many of EPN's headaches could be solved with a decent real estate agent?
Mexico First Lady Using Businessman’s Miami Home, Guardian Says (Bloomberg - August 9, 2016)

Sanders Stumps for Dilma. I mean Hillary. 
Sanders: Many Believe Rousseff Impeachment 'Resembles a Coup' (TeleSUR - August 8, 2016)

Big win for Big Oil in Little Ecuador
Chevron Wins Ruling Blocking Enforcement of $9.5 Billion Ecuador Judgment (WSJ - August 9, 2016) 

Who could resist a title like that during the Olympics?
China Aims for Gold in Brazil Power Deal (WSJ - August 9, 2016)

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