Danny Ortega

What We’re Reading — 3 Aug 2016

Danny Ortega doubles down on his Evita revival.
Nicaragua: Ortega names his wife as running mate(BBC)

Maduro doubles down on insane economic policies.
Venezuela Shakes up Cabinet, Appoints Drug-Indicted General (Bloomberg)

Not because they want to, but because Venezuela needs the food.
Jamaica is paying its oil debts to Venezuela with food (The Independent)

Outback finds the onions Bloomin’ in Brazil.
Para o Outback, o filezinho é o Brasil (Brazil Journal)

Indiana Jones-level environmental policy.
Raiding an Illegal Gold-Mining Ring in Peru’s Amazon Jungle? Easy. Getting There? Next to Impossible. (NYT)

Overtime for everyone running the kiosks on Ipanema?
Rio’s Traffic Jams Force Last-Minute Holiday for Olympics (WSJ) 

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