What We’re Reading — June 15, 2016

#Panamapapers leaker busted?
Un informaticien de Mossack Fonseca arrêté à Genève (Le Temps)

Maduro willing to talk to anyone to try to get out of this crisis
Exclusive: Venezuela in talks with China for grace period in oil-for-loans deal (Reuters)
US and Venezuela to hold high-level talks to ease crisis (FT)

CFK’s Public Works Minister busted with a trunk full of hundred dollar bills
Argentina ex-minister arrested over cash bags at monastery (BBC)

Lava Jato washes up in Singapore
Court papers allege Singapore firms paid over $9.5m in bribes for Petrobras contracts (Splash 247)

Never have inflation figures been so exciting
Las cifras del nuevo Indec, tras ocho años de manipulación de datos: la inflación de mayo fue del 4,2% (La Nación)

3x3 score is a win for Mexico
Antigraft Legislation Advances in Mexico’s Congress (WSJ) 

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What We’re Reading - May 20, 2016

Mexican economic engine keeps humming along, but may slow down this year
Logra PIB mayor avance en 7 trimestres (Reforma — 20 May 2016)

CFK over-invoiced for Olympics and Copa America rights, says Macri
El kirchnerismo pagó cinco veces más por los derechos televisivos de la Copa América y los Juegos Olímpicos (La Nación — 20 May 2016)

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair
Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan lord of misrule (FT — 20 May 2016)

New Foreign Minister Serra doesn’t see fiscal room to maneuver
Em depressão, não há ajuste fiscal possível, afirma Serra (Valor — 20 May 2016)

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
Smoked: Cuba’s Cigar Industry Isn’t Ready for Its American Moment (WSJ — 20 May 2016) 

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What We're Reading - April 6, 2015

#Panamapapers winds towards Petrobras, CFK, and even UEFA
Panama Leak Involves Firm Probed in Petrobras Scandal (Energy Journal — 5 April 2016)
Argentine Authorities Detain Associate of Ex-President Kirchner (WSJ — 6 April 2016)
Police raid Uefa over TV rights deal (FT — 6 April 2016)

Terrible pollution leads Mexico to do double Hoy No Circula, which will hurt the economy
Prevén alzas y desabasto por polución (Reforma — 6 April 2016)

...Chile hopes
China wants to buy more copper mines to secure its supply (FT — 6 April 2016)

We might cry because of overused headlines...
Don't Cry for Argentina's Investors (Bloomberg View — 5 April 2016)

Spoiler: it’s agricultural receivables
The Last Surviving Corner of Brazil's Devastated Credit Market (Bloomberg — 5 April 2016)


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