China Three Gorges takes over for Odebrecht 

阅读更多关于此新闻的文章,请点击链接: 中国三峡接管Odebrecht

Fifteen months after the deal was first announced, fallen Brazilian giant Odebrecht has finally agreed to sell the Chaglla hydroelectric plant to China Three Gorges (CTG). The 456MW plant in northern Peru was built in 2016 at a cost of $1.5b, but CTG is paying only $620m to Odebrecht. The $760m balance of the $1.39b of the deal will go directly to firms that financed the original project.

Odebrecht is further on the hook, as 50% of the $620m will be surrendered to a trusteeship that will pay for civil reparations against Odebrecht as part of the international spread of the Lava Jato corruption scandal, as well as to guarantee payment of back taxes.

Once omnipresent, the collapse of Brazil's construction giants, in particular, Odebrecht, has left a vacuum waiting to be filled by new faces across Latin America. China has certainly taken notice. Lead by CCCC/CHEC, which just this week formally won the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, China's largest EPCs including CSCEC and Powerchina, are competing for projects alongside domestic and international incumbents. 

This increased competition should be a good thing for Latin America and the Caribbean as it makes strides towards addressing the region's infrastructure gap. As for the new players, it would behoove them to also take advantage of the lessons of Lava Jato, and engage in transparent and ethical transactions, lest they become the next object lesson.

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Argentina and China sign deals strengthening ties after G-20— AP

Export-Eager Macri Administration Courts China at G20— The Bubble

China and Argentina sign currency swap deal after G20 summit— Al Jazeera

Analistas destacan palabras del presidente Xi sobre relación entre China y Argentina— People’s Daily

Quatro razões que fizeram da China uma força econômica na Argentina— O Globo

Lombardi destacó el momento que atraviesa la relación entre la Argentina y China— Total News

Macri:  "La Argentina no ve a China como una amenaza sino como una oportunidad “— La Nación 

Macri junto a Xi Jinping: "Cuanto más se desarrolle China mejor le va a ir a los argentinos”— Infobae

Cumbre Macri-Xi Jinping: Argentina y China firmaron 30 acuerdos para comercio e inversión— Ámbito Financiero

China e Argentina buscam nova era de parceria— People’s Daily

Argentina acuerda valiosa asistencia financiera de China— Diario El Pais 

Con 30 nuevos acuerdos, China es uno de los mayores inversores de Argentina— Clarín

Salvavidas de China a Argentina por 9.000 millones de dólares— Portafolio 

China signs $9 billion currency swap deal with Argentina— Asia Times

China deepens economic cooperation with Argentina—  Nikkei 

Argentina comes out of the G20 a big winner. Of the 30 deals signed with China, the almost $10b PBOC swap and the opening of the Chinese market to soybean oil and berries are the ones that will most likely have an impact in the short term. The extension of the San Martín cargo rail line to Mendoza and the extension of Route 5 will help, but need follow through.

Panama could soon become China’s gateway to Latin America thanks to an imminent free trade agreement— LSE Latin America and Caribbean

Estos son los empresarios que acompañan a Xi Jinping  para el encuentro con Varela— La Prensa

Histórica visita del presidente de China, Xi Jinping, a Panamá— La Estrella de Panamá

Exclusivo: Avanzar juntos hacia un futuro compartido— La Estrella de Panamá

La hormiguita y el elefante: la estrategia del presidente de China con Panamá— Univision

Warm words from Xi Jinping for Panama on first state visit by a Chinese leader— SCMP

Panama, China sign accords— The Japan Times

China Wants Panama To Be Its Gateway To Central America— NDTV

Panama awards China US$1.4 billion to build bridge for Belt and Road Initiative— HKFP

China Rewards Panama With Trade, Investment Deals— Caixin Global 

Following the G20, President Xi Jinping traveled to Panama to rub shoulders with President Juan Carlos Varela. As expected, the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries remains “imminent,” but President Xi provided encomiums: “Like many of my countrymen, I am no stranger to Panama even though I have never been to this country before.”

Gigante chinesa Alibaba pode estar a caminho do Brasil — IDG Now 

Alibaba se aproxima do Brasil— Baguete

Is Alibaba coming to Brazil? It’s very 2018 that a deleted tweet is making people think so.

Cumbre G20: Piñera sostendrá reuniones bilaterales con líderes de seis países del mundo — Bio Bio Chile

Latin America-China Trade and Investment Amid Global Tensions— Atlantic Council 

Las relaciones China-América latina, hacia un nuevo orden mundial— Clarín 

Our friends at the Atlantic Council breakdown what they expect to happen to China-Latam trade and investment in “the new world order."

Bank of China México quiere financiar infraestructura con nuevo gobierno— Forbes México

Banco of China México expresa su confianza por el nuevo gobierno— El Universal

Bank of China is making a bet on the administration of now-President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in Mexico.

Disputa entre EUA e China faz exportação de soja do Brasil mais do que dobrar em outubro— Gaúcha ZH

G20 vira palco para disputa entre China e EUA por domínio da América Latina— UOL

Bolton sondará uma maior aproximação com Bolsonaro sobre China, Venezuela e comércio— O Globo 

Mourão diz que Brasil deve 'tirar melhor proveito' de conflito EUA-China— UOL

Eduardo Bolsonaro takes leading role in foreign relations— Valor

EE.UU. y China se encaminan a pactar en Argentina una tregua a la guerra comercial— Clarín 

Trump minimiza influência da China na América Latina— Agência Brasil

Cúpula do G20 tem guerra comercial EUA e China entre temas centrais— Istoé Independente

Apesar de 'trégua' negociada no G20, guerra comercial China-EUA está longe do fim: qual o impacto para o Brasil?— BBC

Acordo EUA e China pode prejudicar o Brasil; ‘Bombas fiscais’ dos legislativos ameaçam estados. Jornais de segunda— O Globo

A U.S.-China Trade War Offers Brazil Tough Choices— Bloomberg

Brazil-China relations to continue to advance under Bolsonaro's gov't: expert—

Uncertainty surrounds White House agreements on trade with China, North America— Washington Post

More on the trade war, whether last week’s pause is really a pause, and how the incoming Brazilian government is looking to position itself.

China — LAC

When South American nations look for cyber help, China looms— Fifth Domain

Former Minister of Finance says T&T cannot disregard “China factor”— i995FM

Relaciones China-América Latina son estratégicas y están en plena expansión según experto— El Universal

Brasil e China firmam memorandos de entendimento para facilitar comércio de frutas e pescados—  Comex do Brasil

América Latina es el segundo destino de la inversión china— El Cronista

China se convierte en segundo mayor socio comercial de América Latina— Xinhua

Criminales latinoamericanos ven hacia China para lavar dinero— Dialogo Americas 

Parceria Brasil-China está acima de ideologias, diz embaixador chinês— UOL

Novo governo vai melhorar ambiente de negócios, diz embaixador chinês— Agência Brasil

El lado B de la arremetida China en Chile— La Tercera

Chile podría exportar US$ 100 millones en carne a China— Economía y Negocios

Perú quiere competir con Chile y Argentina en la producción de litio— Expansion

China Tianqi se adjudica participación en chilena SQM por unos…— Reuters

Minera china Tianqi concreta adquisición del 24% de SQM en casi 4 mil millones de dólares— Bio Vio Chile

China's Tianqi purchases quarter stake in lithium miner SQM for $4.066 billion— Reuters 

Payments lessons from Asia and predictions for LatAm— iupana

Chilean seafood industry to benefit from China trade accords— IntraFish

China built a $50 million space base in Argentina to reach the dark side of the moon, but it’s casting a shadow on its neighbors— Vice News  

Korea — LAC

IMPACTANTE: México se encuentra en la mira de Corea del Sur— La Verdad

Corea del Sur y Argentina acuerdan incrementar las inversiones y exportaciones— El Diario

La Argentina firmó acuerdos con Corea del Sur— Telám

Comienza primera ronda de modernización del TLC entre Chile y Corea del Sur— Portal Portuario

Corea del Sur y Perú organizan foro sobre gestión de recursos hídricos— Agencia Andina

Japan — LAC

Abe viaja a la cumbre del G20 en gira que incluye Uruguay y Paraguay— La Vanguardia 

Se instalan dos empresas japonesas de autopartes en Irapuato— Mexico Industry

Macri dijo que Japón es un “socio estratégico” para el país— El Tribuno

Brazil's Açu port courts Japanese firms— BNAmericas 

Japan, Argentina agree to terms of tax treaty— MNE Tax 

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

We didn’t see anything this week — what did we miss?

India — LAC

Chile aprovecha el G20 para estrechar lazos comerciales con Italia, Reino Unido, India y Japón— Diario Financiero

PM Modi meets Chilean Prez, discusses ways to enhance cooperation in trade, energy, health— The Hindu

El intercambio comercial, eje del encuentro de Macri con India y Corea del Sur— La Nación 

También el presidente de Corea del Sur estuvo esta mañana en Olivos— Perfil

PM Modi meets Argentinian President, discusses ways to strengthen bilateral ties— Times of India 

Mitra invites Latin American, Caribbean nations at BGBS—  Times of India 

India’s space diplomacy: Why Colombian satellite launch is a major victory for the country— Financial Express 


Saudi, Colombia to strengthen cooperation, Falih says— Channel News Asia 

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With the focus on Argentina, China makes a statement in Panama 

With the focus on Argentina, China makes a statement in Panama 

Everyone will be closely watching this weekend’s G20 Summit in Buenos Aires — except for the porteños, who have all gotten out of town. Argentina's capital city will be the site of numerous high-stakes discussions: on whether Russia went too far in the Sea of Asov; how to deal with MBS in the wake of the Jamal Khashoggi murder; how the US and Mexico will move forward with  NAFTA 2.0 agreement signed and the transition from EPN to AMLO; and of course, what Presidents Xi and Trump have for dinner on Saturday night.

While adding some last second confusion to an already chaotic weekend, the White House has been encouraging the optimists that China and the US are close to a trade deal. An understanding between the world’s two largest economies would be good not just for them, but for the world as a whole. Unfortunately, an agreement between the two countries will more likely be a paper tiger — à la Trump’s agreement with North Korea — then a substantive settlement. A substantive trade agreement would be decided and announced (or leaked) beforehand, as was done with NAFTA 2.0, and not settled mano-a-mano, no matter what President Trump thinks.

With that said, the weekend’s biggest meeting might not take place not in Buenos Aires, but in Panama.

On his way home from Buenos Aires, President Xi will stop in Panama to meet with President Juan Carlos Varela. Such a trip had been hinted at for months, and sherpas on both sides had been working towards a set of deliverables for the meeting, including a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries. However, a pointed message sent by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seems to have kept the Panamanians from agreeing to terms. 

So without an FTA, what is Xi’s deliverable for the trip? Clearly, this is meant to be a direct message to the current US administration. However, upon closer look, one might argue that the US may not be the only intended recipient. While China's profile across Latin America continues to rise, the number of easily identifiable allies among the leaders of the region’s major economies has shrunk. China, as much as the US, may be in need of a win in Latin American this weekend.

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Seria o Brasil? Xiaomi dá indicações de voltar à América Latina — Tudo Celular

Is Xiaomi hinting it’s coming back to the Latin American retail market? 

Chile inaugura ciclo de exportaciones agrícolas 2018-2019 con envío de cerezas a China — People’s Daily

Ministro de Agricultura chileno prevé crecimiento del 17% en exportaciones — El Dinero 

Ministro Walker proyecta exportaciones agrícolas por US$18.000 millones en 2018 — Radio Agricultura 

Chile sets new record as export season to China comes to an end — Fresh Plaza

Chile kicks off the new growing season with hopes of a 17% increase on the $18b exported this year.

Llegan a Chile 100 autobuses eléctricos provenientes de China — Xinhua

Yutong Bus firma acuerdos para entregar 100 autobuses eléctricos a Chile y se convierte en el principal proveedor de autobuses chinos en América Latina — PR Newswire

Yutong Bus to Deliver 100 Electric Buses to Chile, Becoming the Leading Chinese Bus Supplier in Latin America — PR Newswire 

Yutong Bus’ 100 vehicles for Transantiago are set to head to Chile.

Soja: Sem acordo China x EUA, prêmios devem voltar a subir forte no Brasil — Notícias Agrícolas

EUU busca contrarrestar la creciente influencia china y rusa en América Latina — La República 

“La tensión comercial entre China y Estados Unidos se siente en Colombia” — La República 

México, China y los desacuerdos con Trump: inestabilidad económica — Diario de Morelos

No Brasil como no resto, alvo dos EUA é a China — Folha

La preocupación de Trump por la influencia china — Yahoo Noticias 

Colombia gana con guerra comercial entre Estados Unidos y China — El Tiempo 

Brasil no meio da guerra fria entre EUA e China pelo monopólio da espionagem — Diario do Centro do Mundo

More trade war.

China focuses on the end, West on means — Global Times 

Interesting spin — is focusing on regulations decadent and Western? 

El vino argentino, con la mira puesta en China — El Cronista 

Wines of Argentina continúa consolidando la imagen del Vino Argentino en China — El Dia

China: Malbec, ahoy.

Bye bye Rússia: suinocultura brasileira busca recuperação em outros mercados — Gazeta do Povo

Brazilian pork exporters are recovering from being blocked from the Russian market by turning to Japan and South Korea.

Mourão diz que deseja China como parceira estratégica do Brasil — Gaúchazh

China will expand in Brazil despite Bolsonaro rhetoric: analyst » Kallanish Energy News — Kallanish Energy News

Is Vice President-elect Hamilton Mourão of Brazil trying to temper the noise that Jair Bolsonaro made on the campaign trail?

Fabricantes de calzado piden aranceles a importación China — La Tribuna

Honduran shoe manufacturers ask for tariffs against Chinese imports.

Exportaciones de México hacia China crecerán 100% en los próximos 5 años — Heraldo de México

Sector empresarial de México proyecta duplicar exportaciones a China en cinco años — El Economista 

Mexican businesses expect to double exports to China in the next five years.

Exclusive: Rosneft's Sechin flies to Venezuela, rebukes Maduro over oil shipments — Reuters 

Russia is jealous that Venezuela is keeping up with its payments to China.

DR fixes Chinese financing — Latin Finance 

The Dominican Republic lands a $600m loan from China Exim to finance power transmission projects.

How to Respond to Chinese Investment in Latin America — Foreign Policy

Max Nathanson argues there is a role for other investors in Latin America to complement what Chinese investors have been doing, to help mitigate some of the “enormous social, political, economic, and environmental consequences” of that infrastructure investment.

China — LAC

Guangzhou and Panama witness promising future of win-win cooperation as the BRI goes deep in Latin America and the Caribbean — Business Insider

Guangzhou y Panamá son testigos de un futuro promisorio de cooperación beneficiosa para ambas partes, a medida que la Iniciativa del Cinturón y Ruta de la Seda se profundiza en América Latina y el Caribe — PR Newswire

China fortalecerá inversiones en Colombia — Kien y Ke

China invierte en infraestructuras de transporte en el Caribe — Sin Comillas 

China abrirá la puerta a dos productos ‘agro’ mexicanos la próxima semana — El Financiero

Argentina exports first-ever blueberries to China — Fresh Fruit Portal

Argentina inició la exportación de arándanos a China y Tucumán se sumará en 2019 — Tucumán a las 7

China pode autorizar importação de carnes de até 78 unidades do Brasil — Portos e Navios

La china Legend planta a Iberconsa y se va a Chile con 800 millones — La Voz de Galicia

El desembarco del gigante asiático: Así crece el arribo de firmas chinas a la industria chilena — Publimetro

Brazil's fire-ravaged National Museum receives reconstruction offers from China — Xinhua

China, Brazil to launch new Earth resource satellite —

China Southern respetará decisión de AMLO sobre Nuevo Aeropuerto — A21

Presidente del Congreso recibe visita de altas autoridades chinas — Agencia Andina

Zona Franca Bogotá pone la mira en China — Valora Analitik 

China, vying with U.S. in Latin America, eyes Argentina nuclear deal — Reuters 

Xi hails 'new era' for China-Argentina partnership in signed article — CGTN 

Chinese manufacturers looking to locate on Texas-Mexico border — Rio Grande Guardian 

Argentine soybean farmers sow ‘green gold’ to outlast the U.S.-China trade war — McClatchy

Chilean Avocados Proving Increasingly Popular in China — Produce Report  

China becomes second largest trading partner of Latin America — Xinhua

Celebran simposio sobre cooperación China-América Latina en este de China — Xinhua

Symposium on China-Latin America Cooperation held in E. China — Xinhua 

Korea — LAC

Perú y Corea firmaron ampliación de Acuerdo de Cooperación para la remediación de pasivos ambientales — Minería en línea

La industria militar surcoreana presenta sus productos en Perú — Infodefensa 

S. Korean foreign minister heads to Panama, Mexico — Yonhap News Agency 

Korean president heads to Argentina for G-20 summit — Korea Herald 

Japan — LAC

Yucatán, ya figura en el radar de inversionistas japoneses — Reporteros Hoy

BCIE realiza novena emisión en Japón por $100 millones y capta $1,135 millones en el 2018 para financiar proyectos de desarrollo — Proceso

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

Singapore opens market for Mexican beef, pork — Vietnam Plus

Shipments headed to Latin America continue uptick — Bangkok Post

DP World funds port terminal in Ecuador — Latin Finance 

Dubai eyes Caribbean, LatAm markets — Khaleej Times 

U.A.E. Dangles Billions of Dollars Before Brazil, With One Catch — Bloomberg 

Singapore and UAE open up to Mexican meat products — IEG Vu 

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China Inc and Chile Inc in Sync 

China Inc and Chile Inc in Sync 

Talking about the success of Chile Week in China is nothing new, the most recent edition being no exception. ProChile,  ASOEX, and others racked up deals with China’s second largest offline and online supermarket chain, Suning; China Eastern, expanding a route for produce from Santiago to Ningbo (via Miami) and cutting travel time from 11 days to three; and signing a purchase and a sourcing agreement with Alibaba subsidiary Win-Chain.
But the most exciting announcements weren’t made in China, but Chile.
Legend Holding's subsidiary Joyvio announced this week that it had come to an agreement to buy 95% of Chilean salmon concern Australis from current owner Isidoro Quiroga (三文鱼产业又有大动作!). The deal, which will include a public buyout offer extend to the remaining shareholders through April 2019, values Australis at $880m. This sets a new M&A record in the Chilean salmon industry, beating the $850m August acquisition of AquaChile by Agrosuper.

Gold Anda Chile, produce-purchasing subsidiary of Shenzhen Golden Anda, opened its first fruit plant in the Maule region. The $10m plant is the first plant fully funded by Chinese capital in the region, can process 100 tons of fresh fruit per day and replaces the closures of plants from domestic firms like Iansa and Suazo Companies.

These deals follow on’s announcement last June of the acquisition of a farm in Chile, as part of a program through its JD Fresh subsidiary to integrate the whole agricultural supply chain.

This beginning of the vertical integration of the produce supply chain from Chile to China will guarantee quality produce to China’s growing middle class while allowing for the investment in higher value-added supply chain processing in Chile.

Ultimately driving this activity is not just the existing demand, but the promise of future demand. At the Golden Anda opening, Chilean Agriculture Minister Antonio Walker quoted his Chinese counterpart: “this is just beginning; we have the whole interior of China to penetrate. There are a lot of markets still to be conquered.”

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美国寻求中国重新购买大豆,不料巴西大豆收成期提前!又没戏了? — 金十数据

巴西海量大豆涌向中国 — 环球网

Oportunidades para Argentina con la nueva estrategia importadora del mercado chino — La Nueva

Argentina puede ganar con la mayor guerra comercial del mundo — BAE Negocios

La guerra comercial entre EEUU y China sumaría hasta US$ 10.000 millones a la Argentina — Télam

Brazil record soy exports to China could expand further — Nasdaq 

The US-China trade war continues to give opportunities to Brazil and Argentina to export soy to China.

China apuntala su liderazgo en la cumbre Asia-Pacífico ante la ausencia de Estados Unidos — RTVE

China aboga por economía mundial abierta en foro de APEC — Forbes México

APEC: Digicel chair Denis O'Brien praises business-friendly PNG — Loop TT

La pugna comercial y de influencia en el Pacífico entre China y EEUU empaña la APEC — Yahoo Finanzas

Xi aboga por estrechar lazos con Chile en reunión con Piñera — América Economía

Especialistas sostienen que Perú respalda liberalización del comercio e inversiones en APEC — América Economía

Ministro Rogers Valencia: APEC avanza en liberación y facilitación del comercio — Agencia Andina 

Piñera pide a E.E.U.U. y China que terminen con la guerra comercial — El Pingüino

Disputa comercial entre China y Estados Unidos ensombrece la cumbre del APEC — Economía y Negocios 

México reitera respaldo a multilateralismo en foro APEC —

Termina cumbre en Papúa Nueva Guinea sin acuerdo por EU y China — El Diario

Xi meets Chilean president, pledges closer ties — Xinhua 

The APEC meeting this week in Papua New Guinea was the site of the latest ruffling of feathers between China and the US, resulting in no final communiqué for the first time in the forum’s history. 

Perú y China inician negociaciones para optimizar Tratado de Libre Comercio — América Economía  

Perú y China inician negociaciones para optimizar el TLC — Gestión 

Perú y China inician negociaciones para optimizar Tratado de Libre Comercio — Larco Trade News

Peru and China kick off negotiations for FTA 2.0.

Sí se puede: Argentina envió por primera vez arándanos a China — Infocampo

Empezó a cultivar arándanos como un hobby y se convirtió en el primer argentino en exportarlos a China — La Nación  

Argentina: Patagonia's cherry must undergo quarantine to travel to China — Fresh Plaza

Argentine berries are sent to China for the first time. But cherries are stymied by the need for cold processing, making them have to go by boat.

Puertos del país se blindan contra entrada de acero chino ilegal —El Tiempo

Industria de acero pide frenar prácticas desleales de China — el Periódico 

From Guatemala to Colombia, local steel producers are complaining about being undercut by Chinese production. Will it go to the WTO?

Didi, el rival chino de Uber, inicia operaciones en CDMX — Forbes México 

DiDi, la competencia china de Uber, llega a la Ciudad de México — La Prensa

Didi Chuxing amplía servicio de transporte a Ciudad de México — Xinhua

Update your apps. Didi Chuxing launches service in Mexico City.

China y Japón, clientes mayoristas del tequila mexicano — Marco Trade News

China and Japan are becoming bigger consumers of Mexican tequila.

China eyes US$10 trillion in imports from LAC — Jamaica Observer 

China's Ambassador to Jamaica Tian Qi says his country is looking to import $10 trillion in goods and services from across the world over the next five years.

China — LAC

Presidente do Panamá nega que tensão entre China e EUA tenha afetado canal — UOL 

Crece la influencia de China como mercado importador desde América latina — BAE Negocios

China deve habilitar mais plantas do Brasil para exportação de carnes, diz secretário — Terra 

Peru: Citrus exports to China increased by 51% — FreshPlaza 

Goiano que trabalha em estatal chinesa diz que expectativa do país com Bolsonaro é “excelente” — Jornal Opção

Chile: TPS will export more than 150,000 tons of cherries to China — Fresh Plaza 

Mexico wants to increase vegetable exports to China — Fresh Plaza 

Maersk ve potencialidad en la uva de mesa de la provincia peruana — Portal Portuario

Ministro de Minería se reúne con empresarios chinos para abordar uso de nuevas tecnologías en fundiciones — Portal Minero

Letter: Modern day off-shoring — Caribbean News

El gigante chino Xiaomi llegará a Chile a principios de diciembre — La Tercera

China conquista Suramérica, como socia comercial — El Nuevo Diario

Equipamientos de seguridad de China ganan aprecio en países latinoamericanos — Xinhua

Pending Chinese help, Venezuelan oil production falls to lowest level since 1949 — NewsRep

Chile’s fruit growers embrace technology to stand out in Chinese market — Borneo Bulletin 

Korea — LAC

Expertos destacan que cooperación Corea-Perú para remediar pasivos ambientales mineros es modelo para la región — América Economía

Nuestro país necesita diversificar su comercio: Embajador de México en Corea — AF Medios 

$45bn Korean manager enters LatAm — Citywire Americas

Japan — LAC

La relación México-Japón sigue creciendo en industria y la cultura: Vania de la Vega — Crónica

Mexico’s agricultural food exports to Japan increases in 2018 — Krisijangran

India — LAC

Brazilian sugar mills owned by India's Shree Renuka up for auction — Reuters 

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

El presidente de Chile participa en ASEAN en la agenda marcada por la economía — TRT

Piñera destaca logros económicos de Chile en Singapur y se reúne con Lagarde y Putin — Diario Financiero 

Gobierno nomina a embajadores en Japón e Indonesia: pendiente Francia — La Tercera

Huobi Lays Off 60% of its Brazilian Office — Crypto Globe 


We didn’t see anything this week — what did we miss?

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Mexico: Fortress Besieged?

阅读更多关于此新闻的文章,请点击链接: 墨西哥的贸易围城

The US’ trade strategy is benefiting Mexico. The goal of NAFTA 2.0 is to try to box Chinese corporates out of North America. China has seen that as a poison pill (毒丸 - noting US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ calling it that) of the deal. And Chinese corporates with a presence in the US are now scrambling to figure out how to overcome that pill (诚邀您参加《美墨加协定》:中国企业的机遇与挑战峰会系列活动). The perspective from China is summed up by the line from the classic Commentary to the Book of Songs by Master Han (韩诗外传): “The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does no stop” (树欲静而风不止). China says it wants calm trade relations while the US government continues its fusillade of tariffs.

In another literary reference, Mexico is seen as a “Fortress Besieged” (围城), in reference to Qian Zhongshu’s satiric novel, stuck in between China and the US. While Mexico is traditionally a competitor of China, as a manufacturing base for global consumers, the current Mexican government has looked to China as an alternative to a volatile US.

This all comes at a time when not just China but the world is looking to better understand the position of Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who swears into office in two weeks. This week his Foreign Minister-designee, Marcelo Ebrard, has been tempering fears that Mexico will take a hawkish stand towards China. Ebrard met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and said China is a key country in Mexico’s plans to pursue economic diversification. Ebrard highlights that he wants good relations with China to allow Mexico to export more goods, like the deals announced last week for plantains and sorghum.

Our recent trips to Mexico have confirmed this. The manager of a China-oriented business park tells us that he used to get one inquiry a month from Chinese companies looking to do business in Mexico. Ever since the US tariffs on Chinese goods kicked in, those inquiries have jumped to almost a dozen a month. “They come here and say they don’t want to be here,” he tells us. “But they say: ‘ we have to be,’” because of the tariffs.

And it’s not just Chinese corporates. Japanese and even German companies are now looking at Mexico to get around the new NAFTA agreement. 

Despite all this interest, foreign direct investment into Mexico for the third quarter fell 28%. Why? Because investors were rattled by AMLO’s anti-business campaign. If the new president wants to avoid making Mexico a fortress besieged in this economic environment, he’s going to have to keep investors — from China, Japan, and elsewhere — assuaged.

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China refuerza las reservas del banco central de Argentina con otros 8.600 millones de dólares — El País 

China amplia crédito a Argentina por 8.600 millones de dólares — La República 

Sandleris dijo que está 'prácticamente cerrada' nueva ampliación del swap con China por unos u$s 8.700 M — Ámbito Financiero 

Argentina’s BCRA says that it’s finally extended its swap line with China’s PBoC to the tune of an additional $8.7b.

México es el segundo socio comercial más importante para China en América Latina: COMCE — DNF

Sesiona Grupo de Alto Nivel Empresarial China-México — La Jornada

Empresas mexicanas buscan sorprender a China — Expansión 

Buscan México y China ampliar comercio — Tijuanotas

Viajará el alcalde de Tijuana a China — El Sol de Tijuana

Mexico courts Chinese investment - Fruitnet

LatAm Goods Export Rises, With China Scaling Up Import — Nearshore Americas 

Latin America looks to grow trade with China at International Import Expo — CGTN America 

Panama uses CIIE to showcase huge potential as export hub — CGTN Americas 

Feature: "Surprising" Chinese market appealing to more Latin American exhibitors at CIIE — Xinhua 

Mexico is one of several countries that thinks it came out on top at CIIE.

Anuncian 5 vuelos directos del Perú a China al mes — El Peruano

Perú y China unen mercados — El Peruano

Perú se incorpora a “Ruta de la Seda” de China — Expreso

China Eastern operará cinco vuelos directos mensuales para productos frescos desde Perú a China — Marco Trade News   

China Eastern announces five flights a month to sent fresh produce from Lima to Shanghai.

Bradesco sela parceria com MUFG Bank para transferências Brasil-Japão — Estadão 

Bradesco vai fazer transferências do Brasil para o Japão com blockchain — Tecnoblog

Solução de pagamento entre o Japão e o Brasil, baseada em Ripple — Cripto Zoom

Bitcoin! Bradesco and MUFG are going to use blockchain based on Ripple to make transfers between Brazil and Japan easier.

Brasil negocia com China habilitação de unidades para exportação de farelo de soja — Extra 

China está apta a comprar novos produtos do Brasil, mas quer qualidade — Globo

Dólar reduz margem da soja do Brasil, fim de disputa EUA-China elevaria preço, diz Itaú BBA — Extra 

Pese a los bajos precios, América Latina producirá más soja para abastecer a China — El Economista América

Soy diplomacy remains complicated, with Brazil looking to export soy meal to China.

Aventuras de latinoamericanos en el "doble once" en China — People’s Daily

El Día del Soltero de China, aperitivo del Black Friday, está tentando a los consumidores brasileños — Xinhua

Asesor del presidente argentino alaba inversión china como motor económico para su país — Xinhua

En un minuto se venden 10,000 piezas de carne argentina en China — El Debate

El Doble 11 chino, oportunidad global — El Economista 

“Día de los Solteros” acorta la distancia entre China y América Latina — People’s Daily 

China empieza a mirar a los cortes premium de carne argentina — Clarín 

Adventures in China’s Singles’ Day for Latin American exporters.

China’s Belt and Road lands in Latin America — China Dialogue 

Belt and Road: Tight squeeze — Weekly Asado

Our friend Benjamin Gedan at the Wilson Center thinks that the G20 meeting at the end of the month could see Argentina make “an announcement to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative.”

China’s Transport Infrastructure Investment in LAC: Five Things to Know — The Dialogue 

Our friend Margaret Meyers lays out trends for Chinese investment in Latin America.

青岛市商务局代表赴京出席中拉年度投资交流峰会 — Govrenment of Qingdao

The government of Qingdao publicizes their meeting with Moishe Mana in China.

Oozing sewage: Peru to sue Chinese and Japanese firms for treatment plant that doesn’t work — Global Construction Review 

Japan-funded sewage plant sits idle in Peru — The Japan News 

Something stinks in Peru.

China — LAC

Chile busca en China sofisticación para su economía de materias primas — Diario Vasco

Piñera expresa optimismo con crecimiento económico de Chile — People’s Daily

La larga marcha del vino argentino hacia la China — Diario Uno

La Ruta de la Seda china es el gran proyecto del siglo, dice experto mexicano — El Economista 

Iberoamérica mira más a China que a la UE y EEUU para financiar su desarrollo — Yahoo Finanzas

Cúpula Ibero-Americana prioriza China para financiar desenvolvimento — UOL 

Piñera: La guerra comercial entre EEUU y China tiene impacto "intenso" en Chile — EFE

Scotiabank: Balanza comercial de Perú empieza a sentir efectos de guerra comercial — Gestión 

Uruguay seeks alliance with China, challenging Mercosur — Dialogo Chino 

Una amistad nueva, respetuosa y extraordinaria — Listin Diario 

América Latina desea ganar presencia en China a través de comercio electrónico — Agencia Andina 

Industria argentina del limón espera exportar a China para 2020 — Portal Frutícola

Cabeçadas da equipe de Bolsonaro agitam o mercado — Carta Capital

Brazil's New President Stumbles In Terra Incognita — Bloomberg

O Brasil nunca precisou tanto da China quanto hoje: saiba os motivos — Gazeta do Povo

Corinthians inova e lança perfil oficial em rede social da China — UOL Online

Argentina: Puerto de Concepción del Uruguay exporta 19.000 toneladas de madera hacia China — Portal Portuario

Chile marca récord en exportaciones de frutas frescas a China — Diario Estrategia 

Chile anota récord de exportaciones de frutas frescas ante mayores envíos a China — Peru21

China’s demand could attract more Chilean grapes — The Packer 

ProChile signs a cooperation agreement with Chinese chain Suning - Fresh Plaza

New protocol for Chile and China — AsiaFruit 

Chinese demand propels Chile's fruit exports to record high — Xinhua 

A Panamanian fruit export company makes its way in China — FreshPlaza 

China is the main market for pork from Santa Catarina, Brazil — MacauHub 

A la caza del e-commerce chino desde Argentina: zonas francas, hubs y creditos — El Cronista 

La capacidad ociosa de la industria sojera es del 45% — Perfil 

Un negocio que no tiene techo — El Litoral 

Se frenan envíos de aguacate por pleito con empacadoras — El Economista 

Un lobby chino: Cómo el país asiático despliega su influencia en el Congreso chileno — La Tercera 

China pledges $150 million aid to El Salvador as relationship deepens — Global Americans

China, Venezuela, and the Illusion of Debt-Trap Diplomacy — Carnegie Tsinghua 

CEPAL: China provocó la desindustrialización en América Latina — Los Tiempos

China signs fresh produce MoU with Caribbean region - FreshPlaza 

Brasil intensifica presença no e-commerce da China — Government of Brazil

Panama looks to draw Chinese tourists — ECNS

Antigua and Barbuda Courts Chinese Tourism Market — Caribbean Journal 

Para el mundo, China va en busca de la economía argentina — El Intransigente

Explican los riesgos del avance de China en América Latina — ABC

ALACERO: “América Latina crece pero se ve amenazado por el comercio desleal” — Marco Trade News

Alacero: América Latina crece, pero se ve amenazado por el comercio desleal de China — Mundo Marítimo 

Sopesar bien antes de comerciar con China, aconseja experto — Ultima Hora 

Macri firmará una treintena de acuerdos con el presidente de China, en el marco del G20 — Infobae

Carne argentina en China: “Nos fue mucho mejor de que esperábamos, tuvimos excelentes ventas” — Continental 

Com plano de Paulo Guedes, "Brasil será nova China", diz Winston Ling — Diário Catarinense

Chile acuerda cooperación con China para la Franja y la Ruta — Noticias Logística y Transporte 

Peligra el acuerdo nuclear de Argentina con China por una fuerte pelea interna en el Gobierno — Infobae

Colloque « Chine-Amérique latine et Caraïbes : bilan et perspectives » — Université libre de Bruxelles

Chinese Money, Institutional Weaknesses, and Populism: A Recipe for Disaster? — Dialogo Americas 

A new Venezuelan ID, created with China's ZTE, tracks citizen behavior — Reuters 

Brazilian Startup iFood Raises $500m In Latin America's Largest Funding Round — Forbes

Televisión Central de China recorrió instalaciones salmoneras en Chile –- Mundo Acuicola

Costa Rica recibe 546 mil dólares de China para seguridad — Forbes México 

Korea — LAC

ZPE Ceará recebe visita do embaixador da Coreia do Sul — Government of Ceará 

Negociações comerciais com a Coreia do Sul - Interesses ofensivos do Brasil — Portal da Industria 

Guatemala proyecta firmar TLC con Corea del Sur el próximo año — Radio La Primerísima

Embajador de la República de Corea visita Minera Boleo — Diario el Independiente 

Corea del Sur, el destino favorito de las exportaciones peruanas — El Economista América

Corea del Sur se convirtió en el tercer mercado de exportaciones peruanas — Peru Retail

More Chilean cherries heading for South Korea — AsiaFruit 

Japan — LAC

Argentina y Japón están transitando una época de oro — LMN

India — LAC

True North to buy 75% of Shree Digvijay Cement from Brazil’s Votorantim Cimentos — Live Mint 

ASEAN & Oceania — LAC

Singapore invests in Brazilian VC fund — Funds Global Asia 

IDB Group launches partnership with Singapore to promote inclusive financial services — BNamericas 


Chile busca ampliar mercados y dar valor agregado a las exportaciones — La Tercera 

UAE Begins Construction of $50mn Caribbean Energy Projects — ME Construction News 

Abu Dhabi explores cooperation with Mexico Embassy — Zawya 

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