Do Peruvian port priorities match China’s?

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Once again China made headlines this week, announcing plans to expand its stake in mining, energy, and infrastructure across the Americas.

The biggest headlines were made by China’s Ambassador to Peru Jia Guide, who said: “In the next three years we see the coming of a wave of investment from China of $10b, in terms of energy and mines, telecommunications, construction, infrastructure, and finance.” ("未来3年中资企业将形成100亿美元对秘新投资,投资领域将从传统能矿业扩大到交通通信、金融等广泛领域”)

His remarks were made at the launch of the expansion of the Toromocho copper mine by Chinalco (中国将在秘鲁投资多个矿业项目 Toromocho铜矿将增产45%). The expansion is expected to increase Toromocho's copper output by 45% percent by 2020, to an annual production of over $2b. To facilitate increased exports from Peru, COSCO Shipping announced (中国将在秘鲁投资多个矿产项目) it is teaming up with Peruvian miner Volcan Minera to build and operate the Chancay port.

Amb Jia’s $10b is going to several projects that Chinese analysts are evaluating (是什么让首钢、中铝、五矿等纷纷在秘鲁投资开矿?都赚钱了吗?):

  • $1.3b by Chinalco the expansion of the Toromocho copper mine by Chinalco;

  • $2b by COSCO to build and operate the Chancay port project;

  • $2.5b by the Peruvian subsidiary of Jinzhao Mining to develop the Pampa de Pongo iron mine project; and

  • $1.3b by Shougang Hierro Peru to expand the Marcona mine.

Most eyebrow-raising was Amb Jia’s announcement that China Railway Engineering Corp (CREC) plans to build a port in Ilo. It was a surprise in particular to Peruvian National Port Authority head Edgar Patino, who said he was unaware of any proposal by CREC, and that a potential expansion of the existing Ilo port would be awarded through a public auction. Patino says the expansion of Ilo is only necessary if the troubled bi-oceanic railway pushed by China moves forward. New Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra will meet with Bolivian President Evo Morales next week to discuss.

Observers have long noted that the headline numbers in announcements don’t always match up with reality. The Ilo port underlines the problem of a divergence in priorities on infrastructure between China and Latin America. While CREC pushes a second port project for a rail line Brazil doesn’t support, Peruvian Central Bank Governor (BCRP) Renzo Rossini says Peru should prioritize restarting stalled mining projects like Southern Copper’s Tía María, Newmont’s Conga, and Zijin Mining Group’s Rio Blanco.

Ilo could be the next Manta, a big infrastructure announcement who’s ship never comes in.

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