Chinese FDI in Latam Continues to Surge

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The Trump Administration has successfully put the China-US investment relationship in a state of “Arrested Development,” according to the Rhodium Group. So much so that, Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in the US is down 92% so far in 2018, to $1.8b in greenfield and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals. Things have gotten so bad that even Alibaba, whose chief Jack Ma famously pledged would create 1 million jobs in the US, has announced it will scale back investment plans.

The current US government has successfully stymied the flow of FDI into the US, but Chinese investment in Latin American has been surging in 2018. ECLAC was set to unveil its latest FDI numbers today — until someone reminded them they were going to unveil them under the thundering roar of what turned out to be Colombia making it to the Group of 16.

While we wait for them to release the numbers now on World Cup-free July 5th, we looked back over the course of the year to see just how strong the deal flow had been.

And it’s been strong. Through the end of there first half of the year Chinese companies in the region have unveiled $15.3b in investments, according to Novam Portam’s calculations. That puts Chinese FDI in Latin America on course to increase 73% this year over 2017.

China-Latam FDI.png

While traditional sectors such as energy, natural resources, and infrastructure have dominated activity so far this year, new sectors such as health, technology, and financial services are becoming a larger part of the deal flow.

Kevin Gallagher and Rebecca Ray at Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center say that Chinese firms invested $22.1b last year: $4.4b in greenfield projects, and a record $17.7b on M&A. So if Chinese corporate greenfield FDI and M&A continues in the second half of the year at the same pace, the year-end figure $30.3b would represent a 73% gain. According to Moody’s this week, it’s a trend that is set to continue: "Chinese investment in Latin America’s infrastructure is intensifying, which will support the region’s infrastructure developments."

The above list may be overly optimistic — the Chilean government is looking to block Tianqi’s acquisition of SQM, for example — but it could turn out to be overly pessimistic. It doesn't reflect announcements of investment programs that have been rolled out over the past six months, such as:

So while Chinese investment in the US may be on hold, Chinese investment in Latin America is just getting started.

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