Can Chinese Fintech Jump-start Latin America Digital Finance?

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This week, ICBC unveiled EPay, an app that will allow clients in Hong Kong to make electronic payments. The worlds largest bank by assets under management joins Alipay, Union Pay, and WeChat Pay in a very mature, and already-crowded, $15t Chinese e-payments market. The Chinese digital financial services (DFS) marketplace is dominated by Alibaba’s Ant Financial  — which now has greater valuation than Goldman Sachs — with Tencent’s WeChat Pay hot on its heels, leveraging WeChat’s ubiquity.

In striking comparison, the Latin American mobile payments sector has struggled to get off the ground, despite the potential market. 70% of Latin Americans do not have a bank account, but only 15m of that 340m market have a mobile money account. Platforms like Digicel’s MonCash in Haiti and Giros Tigo in Paraguay are the exception, not the rule. Even Brazil’s PagSeguro — one of the few e-commerce success stories in the region — saw its stock drop 13% this week on concerns that traditional merchant acquirers are encroaching. You’d think that ICBC — with a significant retail presence in Argentina — would be the perfect supporter of a DFS program in the region. But Chinese tech and financial firms have failed  to capitalize on the opportunity along with their Latin American counterparts.

The hurdles to DFS in Latin America are not the technology. While the value of QR codes versus near-field communications (NFC) is not a settled discussion, WhatsApp alone proves that Latin America is not afraid to adopt technology when it makes things easier. And economic struggles in Argentina and Venezuela have spurred bitcoin in those countries (and we won’t touch on the Petro). But as we tell our clients looking at the space: the rule of thumb is that successful digital financial services programs are 80% operations and 20% technology.

Latin America lags in fintech in large part because the incumbent banks have long seen it as a threat, not an opportunity. Miguel Arce of Pagos Digitales Peruanos — the company behind Peru’s BIM mobile wallet — notes that banks are vital to fintech, allowing users to get cash into and out of the mobile money system. Support from the Asociación de Bancos del Perú (ASBANC) will be key to whether BIM takes off as an alternative to cash.

The fragmentation of DFS clients across thirty-something jurisdictions doesn’t help, either. The Spanish incumbents BBVA and Santander could be region-wide champions of digital payments, but haven’t successfully launched a product. Where they have acquired — such as with BBVA’s acquisition of the US’ Simple in 2014 — they have struggled. Itaú, with a franchise in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico beyond its home Brazil, is the only regional champion likely, but hasn’t pushed into the space. The region's financial institutions may have already missed their chance. It may be up to one of the homegrown tech firms, such as Mercado Libre, to address the issue.

With Ant Financial and Tencent locked in pitched battle domestically, Latin America represents up to a half a billion potential new users, with higher income than at home. Policymakers in Beijing are pushing them to make serving Chinese nationals in Latin America a priority, but they are now eyeing the underserved financial clients in the region. Ant Financial had been eyeing MoneyGram as an entrée into Mexico (and the US) before the Trump administration put the kibosh on it, and subsequently entered into a partnership with Openpay. It catches up with Samsung Pay, which launched in Mexico last year.

But while the M&A strategy has served Chinese tech firms in the past, across a fragmented Latin America market it won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Firms will need boots on the ground to handle regulatory issues, operations, as well as an effective sales team to drive adoption. While they may see Latin America as an untouched market for fintech, Chinese tech firms may discover that the “capital light” approach that they have used in the past won’t be sufficient.

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