Do China and LAC have Divergent Priorities on Infrastructure?

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The Brazil-China Cooperation Fund (o "Fundo Brasil-China de Cooperação para Expansão da Capacidade Produtiva”) announced this week that it has agreed to provide $2.4 billion in financing to five projects in Brazil. Oddly, the five projects to be financed were not announced, but the East-West Integration Train (Ferrovia de Integração Oeste-Leste aka FIOL), the São Luís multimodal port in Maranhão, Porto Sul in Ilhéus, and the Ferrogrão train line are all rumored to be on the list. MOUs on many of these projects were signed at last year’s BRICS Summit in China.

Given the perpetual demand for improved infrastructure in the region — as former Chilean President Eduardo Frei put it: “in Latin America we have 19th century infrastructure” — all this investment should be for the good. 

But when evaluating infrastructure projects, a distinction has to be made between projects that are China priority and projects that are a priority for Latin America. While Chinese institutions have pushed for infrastructure spending in the region, sometimes they push projects that might not make sense for local partners. One recent example that has left us scratching our heads is the proposed railway in Panama to Chiriquí on the Costa Rica border. The railway is supposed to make Panama an agro-logistics hub for Central America, but it is unclear exactly how it will do so.

The Bioceanic rail line to connect Brazil and Peru (and possibly Bolivia) is a similar divergence between Latin American and Chinese priorities. Despite second thoughts from Brazil and Bolivia about the cost-benefit of the project, Chinese embassies continue to insist that the train will role forward.

Latin America needs infrastructure, and China needs to export excess capacity, so the two regions will continue to collaborate on building infrastructure. But the tension between projects that the two sides prioritize will also continue, and could lead to difficulties down the road.

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Former Panamanian Foreign Minister José Raúl Mulino advises the country’s government to have a more active foreign policy with the US, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the national clients of the Panama Canal. Concerning China, he says out diplomatic recognition was achieved “without knowing what [Panama] would do with them,” while the Chinese knew exactly their intentions with Panama.

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Economist Gustavo Girado says relations between China and Latin America “have changed qualitatively." He says China does not seem to want to take a hegemonic position, shown in a lack of financing conditionality, which encourages competitors to offer their best prices as well and not take advantage of the region.

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Argentina’s deficit with China keeps breaking records. Experts worry that the this may be due to competition with countries like Chile, which has a free trade agreement with China, and that Argentina has a many sectors which consume more capital than they produce, especially in agriculture. The solution is to better promote and position regional commodities, such as beef, rice, and fruits.

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BCB (Central Bank of Brazil) head Ilan Goldfajn, advises emerging markets to invest their resources in economic structural reform as they experience renewed global growth. He also criticizes the US-China trade dispute, but we saw that one coming.

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A Chinese delegation made its way to Cabo Frio, a city on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in order to establish amicable relations with the city of Huzhou, China. Unclear if they hit Chez Michou in Búzios while out there.

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1200 Chinese firms will be going to Mexico in June to take part in the second China HomeLife-Mexico fair.

Comercio entre México y China alcanzaría cifra récord de 85 mil mdd — Excelsior
Trade between China and Mexico may reach record levels this year of $85b, according to Karla Loyo, director general of the Mexico-China Chamber of Commerce.


Grupo sanitario de japonesa Marubeni apuesta a crecer en Chile con nuevas adquisiciones — Economía y Negocios
Marubeni enters into Chile's natural gas distribution business — Your Oil and Gas News
Waterworks Aguas Nuevas in Chile, owned by Japanese Marubeni and Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), has recently purchased Aguas Chañar, another sanitary firm serving the Atacama region. “it was easy to incorporate a fourth operational firm and it puts us in a good position to incorporate a firth and why not a sixth,” commented general manager of Aguas Nuevas Salvador Villarino. Marubeni Corporation has also recently acquired an 100% stake is GasValpo SpA, the second largest natural gas distribution company in Chile.

NSK inaugura su segunda planta en Guanajuato Puerto Interior — Mexico Industry
Japanese firm NSK Warner México has begun operations in its new plant in Guanajuato, Mexico. Sakae Kuwashiro, president of NSK-Warner KK, expects the plant will contribute to regional economic development in two years.

Brasil e Japão fortalecem cooperação na área de defesa — Defesa Net
Brazil’s interim Defense Minister, Joaquim Silva, and Japan’s Vice Minister of Defense, met in Brasilia to discuss opportunities to increase bilateral security cooperation, such as in response to natural disasters.

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The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Mexico, says Japanese auto manufacturers wish they had more local vendors to sell their products.

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Japan and Argentina’s Vice ministers of Foreign Affairs, Kazuyuki Yamazaki and Daniel Raimondi, met at the 24th Policy Consultation Mechanism meeting and restated mutual interest to maintain and enforce bilateral relations.

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JCB Co. has started issuing credit cards in Brazil in cooperation with state-run Brazilian bank Caixa Econômica Federal.


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India’s ambassador to Colombia, Huma Siddiqui, expects bilateral relations to grow with India becoming its second most important Asian trading partner, overtaking Japan. India’s exports to the South American country increased almost by 20% in 2017, and its Pharma  and auto firms seem to be doing particularly well in the Colombian market.

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Singapore and Brazil signed an accord to avoid double taxation and initiated discussion on an FTA between Singapore and Mercosur.

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