Which way for Huawei in Chile? 

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It's been hard to escape the news that Huawei's CFO (and daughter of the company’s founder), Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver last week. To many, the event was written off as just another chapter in President Donald “Tariff Man” Trump’s trade war with China. However, it’s really a considerable escalation in what might be a parallel, longer, war, over tech connectivity and 5G networks globally. 

More than six thousand miles to the south in Santiago Chile, Huawei was also making news this past week.

The Chilean Sub-secretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) — with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Andean Development Corporation (CAF)— is putting the finishing touches on a study to decide which route to use for a fiber optic cable to connect Chile with Asia. The choice — to be made in 2019 — is between a 24,000km, $600m route connecting to Tokyo, and a 22,800km, $500m route connection to Shanghai. Huawei has been pushing the latter option, releasing a pre-feasibility study last year arguing for that as the better option. The company is positioning itself to provide the hardware for the cable. But the Chilean government has been hinting it wants a public-private partnership, and Japan and New Zealand are interested in helping out.

Huawei — alongside ZTE — has been aggressively selling to Latin America for fifteen years, backed by cheap and plentiful financing from Chinese policy banks. A $30b deal with China Development Bank (CDB) funded equipment for América Móvil in Mexico and Oi in Brazil; while Nextel Mexico benefitted from a smaller CDB loan. Earlier this year, Huawei inked a deal with Chile’s CTR to position itself for the trans-pacific cable (华为海洋携手CTR部署智利南部海缆项目 - 华为新闻中心). In 2015, China EXIM funded the construction of the $130m South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL) between Brazil and Cameroon by China Unicom, Cameroon Telecom, and Huawei Marine (你知道SAIL海缆是如何连接非洲和南美的吗?). SAIL launched in September and dropped latency times across the South Atlantic by two-thirds. Looking to the future, this week  Huawei inaugurated an Internet of Things (IoT) lab in São Paulo state. Not to mention the fact that Huawei is now a major provider of middle-class jobs in Mexico, Panama, and Brazil. 

This has all happened while developed economies have become warier of Huawei. The US has been encouraging the European Union (and its wayward member, the UK) to keep their distance from the Chinese firm. A message that has been listened to. Japan’s big four mobile carriers have all forsworn Huawei and ZTE equipment in their 5G networks. And Australia moved to fund an undersea cable from Sydney to the Solomon Islands so as to block Huawei from building it on national security grounds.

Latin America and the Caribbean are facing the twenty-first century with nineteenth-century infrastructure. So the allure of latest-generation telecommunications infrastructure at prices (and financing) that can’t beat is appealing. But if the concerns of other countries are born out, at what cost? Equally important, what other options are realistically left on the table?

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