With the focus on Argentina, China makes a statement in Panama 

With the focus on Argentina, China makes a statement in Panama 

Everyone will be closely watching this weekend’s G20 Summit in Buenos Aires — except for the porteños, who have all gotten out of town. Argentina's capital city will be the site of numerous high-stakes discussions: on whether Russia went too far in the Sea of Asov; how to deal with MBS in the wake of the Jamal Khashoggi murder; how the US and Mexico will move forward with  NAFTA 2.0 agreement signed and the transition from EPN to AMLO; and of course, what Presidents Xi and Trump have for dinner on Saturday night.

While adding some last second confusion to an already chaotic weekend, the White House has been encouraging the optimists that China and the US are close to a trade deal. An understanding between the world’s two largest economies would be good not just for them, but for the world as a whole. Unfortunately, an agreement between the two countries will more likely be a paper tiger — à la Trump’s agreement with North Korea — then a substantive settlement. A substantive trade agreement would be decided and announced (or leaked) beforehand, as was done with NAFTA 2.0, and not settled mano-a-mano, no matter what President Trump thinks.

With that said, the weekend’s biggest meeting might not take place not in Buenos Aires, but in Panama.

On his way home from Buenos Aires, President Xi will stop in Panama to meet with President Juan Carlos Varela. Such a trip had been hinted at for months, and sherpas on both sides had been working towards a set of deliverables for the meeting, including a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries. However, a pointed message sent by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seems to have kept the Panamanians from agreeing to terms. 

So without an FTA, what is Xi’s deliverable for the trip? Clearly, this is meant to be a direct message to the current US administration. However, upon closer look, one might argue that the US may not be the only intended recipient. While China's profile across Latin America continues to rise, the number of easily identifiable allies among the leaders of the region’s major economies has shrunk. China, as much as the US, may be in need of a win in Latin American this weekend.

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