China Inc and Chile Inc in Sync 

China Inc and Chile Inc in Sync 

Talking about the success of Chile Week in China is nothing new, the most recent edition being no exception. ProChile,  ASOEX, and others racked up deals with China’s second largest offline and online supermarket chain, Suning; China Eastern, expanding a route for produce from Santiago to Ningbo (via Miami) and cutting travel time from 11 days to three; and signing a purchase and a sourcing agreement with Alibaba subsidiary Win-Chain.
But the most exciting announcements weren’t made in China, but Chile.
Legend Holding's subsidiary Joyvio announced this week that it had come to an agreement to buy 95% of Chilean salmon concern Australis from current owner Isidoro Quiroga (三文鱼产业又有大动作!). The deal, which will include a public buyout offer extend to the remaining shareholders through April 2019, values Australis at $880m. This sets a new M&A record in the Chilean salmon industry, beating the $850m August acquisition of AquaChile by Agrosuper.

Gold Anda Chile, produce-purchasing subsidiary of Shenzhen Golden Anda, opened its first fruit plant in the Maule region. The $10m plant is the first plant fully funded by Chinese capital in the region, can process 100 tons of fresh fruit per day and replaces the closures of plants from domestic firms like Iansa and Suazo Companies.

These deals follow on’s announcement last June of the acquisition of a farm in Chile, as part of a program through its JD Fresh subsidiary to integrate the whole agricultural supply chain.

This beginning of the vertical integration of the produce supply chain from Chile to China will guarantee quality produce to China’s growing middle class while allowing for the investment in higher value-added supply chain processing in Chile.

Ultimately driving this activity is not just the existing demand, but the promise of future demand. At the Golden Anda opening, Chilean Agriculture Minister Antonio Walker quoted his Chinese counterpart: “this is just beginning; we have the whole interior of China to penetrate. There are a lot of markets still to be conquered.”

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