Will Bolsonaro’s saber-rattling rattle China?

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In the Americas, saber-rattling about China has become a key part of the populist political playbook. In the United States, President Donald Trump has done it; in Mexico, President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) did it. Now it’s Brazil’s turn, and the favored winner of next week’s run-off election — Jair Bolsonaro — is making similar noises

Bolsonaro says he is against utility privatization because this would “put Brazil in the hands of the Chinese.” More broadly, he is concerned about Chinese company acquisitions in recent years, quipping: “China isn’t buying from Brazil; it's buying Brazil” (“A China não está comprando do Brasil, tá comprando o Brasil”)

China has taken notice of the rhetoric, with Time Weekly asking: "'Brazil Trump' Bolsonaro: USA’s sidekick or Brazilian hero?” (“巴西特朗普”博尔索纳罗:美国小跟班还是巴西大英雄?) Bolsonaro’s favorable views on the 1964-85 military dictatorship in Brazil are also being highlighted (极右派在巴西总统大选首轮投票中胜出,曾说“就是喜欢独裁”).

The question is: what happens when (if?) Bolsonaro is elected? 

In the US, Trump has followed through on his promises with a trade war with China, implemented through tariffs, NAFTA 2.0, and threats to Latin American countries who recognize China diplomatically

AMLO, however, has moderated his rhetoric since his election. He has nominated relative pragmatists to run his foreign and economic policy. Just last week, Jesús Seade — AMLO’s point person on the NAFTA renegotiation and on the shortlist of Ambassador to China candidates — wants to pursue a “strong relationship” with China.

So will Bolsonaro mellow? Unfortunately, so far it seems unlikely. He’s threatening to blow up the Paris climate agreement, Mercosur, and even the BRICS. According to our friend Paulo Kramer, his likely choice for Foreign Ministeris Ernesto Fraga Araújo. A career diplomat, Araújo has written about how "Brazil needs to reflect and define whether to be part” of what he sees as Trump’s West. Bolsonaro has thrown in his lot with the Trumpian approach: "Just like he wants to make America great, I want to make Brazil great.” The Brazil-China relationship is about to get very bumpy.

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Looking forward to that Singapore Airlines flight direct to Puno.


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Dubai-based trip support and FBO services provider Jetex Flight Support is eyeing expansion in the Americas. "FBOs in South America are for the future,” says CEO Adel Mardini.

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