India steals a page from China’s playbook?

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It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We are not sure China will see India's ever-increasing interest in Latin America in such a complementary fashion.

This week’s announcement that India’s Sterlite Power won the auction for a $800m transmission project in Brazil is only the latest indicator that India's corporates are beginning to take Latin America seriously, despite what some view as neglect by the Modi administration. Sterlite is only one of several Indian energy companies looking at the auctions for Brazilian power projects, with PowerGrid, Adani, and KEC also expressing interest in what could be up to $4b in assets up for bidding. Seems that State Grid and its Chinese peers are not the only new kids on the block after all.

This follows on the announcement earlier this year that ArcelorMittal would invest $1b in Mexico over the next three years, to construct a new hot strip mill capable of producing 2.5m tonnes of flat-rolled steel. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) continues to be a significant player in the region, focused on near-shoring and IT. And as the world’s number one consumer of sugar, India has long had interest in production in Brazil and the Caribbean.

But while India is following in China’s footsteps, it’s doing so for different reasons. The limits and inefficiencies of the Indian market forces companies that want to be global players to look to regions like Latin America if they want to achieve sufficient returns. However, Indian firms are running into similar problems that Chinese and other investors have faced. Reliance Industries — operator of the world’s largest refinery in Jamnagar, India — has repeatedly complained about oil quality to PDVSA as Venezuela struggles to meet its potential in the energy markets. This is to say nothing of the struggles for Tata Motors in its long-mooted plant in Venezuela.

To be fair, inefficiencies of Latin American markets also limits the appeal to Indian investors. Renuka do Brasil, a subsidiary of India’s Shree Renuka Sugars is expected to suspend operations at its Revati sugar mill as Brazilian cane supplies run low, adding to financial difficulties the industry as a whole has seen in Brazil.

India sees it’s opportunity in Latin America; but it is not likely to displace China anytime soon. Either way, having two of the worlds rising powers (and their 2.7b citizens) competing for Latin America's business should be a good thing. If managed properly.

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China's JAC Motors has announced it will open its first plant in Brazil with an investment of nearly R$200m ($61m). The plant in the state of Goiás will manufacture up to 35,000 vehicles a year when it opens in two years time. Goiás is supposed to have agreed to forgo 75% of the ICMS state sales tax to lure JAC away from it’s original plans in neighboring Bahia.

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China Forestry Group Corporation (CFGC) is buying 230,000 hectares of eucalyptus plantations in Minas Gerais, Brazil worth $600-700m from French steel company Vallourec. Given 2010 Brazilian restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural property, it is unclear how the deal will be structured. 

Toyota crecerá 10%, con la mira en Brasil y en Colombia — La Voz
Toyota’s factory in Zárate, Buenos Aires, is expecting to grow production 10% in 2018, with exports of pick-ups to Brazil and Colombia driving demand.

Piñera propone fomentar relaciones con China en inversiones y ciencia y tecnología — Xinhua
President-elect Sebastián Piñera is ready to deal with China:

“We all know that China is Chile’s principal commercial partner, and we are going to strengthen this relationship. We are going to expand and deepen not only our commercial relations, but also in the area of investments, in collaboration on science and technology, or in infrastructure and engineering, and, at the same time, we look with a lot of optimism and hope for the strengthening of relations between Chile and China.

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Venezuelan Foreign Minister (and Chávez son-in-law) Jorge Arreaza is in China this week, no doubt looking to improve relations after this month’s Sinopec lawsuit. Separately, China and Venezuela signed an agreement for the creation of the Hugo Chávez International Center for Research and Innovation of Petroleum.

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Ecuador — along with the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Belarus — has been approved to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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Interviews (in English and Spanish) with Paulo Carreño, head of Mexican trade promotion agency ProMéxico. Carreño highlights his country’s deal with Alibaba to promote Mexican SMEs on the Chinese e-commerce giant as a big first step. He says a warehouse in China to speed up the delivery of online purchases could be next.

Oi creditors approve largest-ever Latin American restructuring — Reuters
Are China Telecom and China Mobile ready to jump into Brazil? A week after claiming they’d given up on Oi Telecom, the beleaguered Brazil company got it’s creditors to agree (over regulator Anatel’s objections) to restructure R$65b ($20b) in debt.

Atmósfera positiva en Chile por encuentro entre Celac y China — Xinhua
In January Chile will host the second ECLAC Countries-China meeting, and Latin American China Studies Center head Fernando Reyes is looking forward to it.

Mercosur delibera abierto al mundo pero cauteloso ante China — Swissinfo
Mercosur continues to dither on whether to engage with China, even while it finalizes a free trade deal with the European Union. “Coming to an agreement between Mercosur and China would without a doubt have a significant impact on our economies, because of the weight of China. So that requires reflection, information, and studies,” says Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie.

China establece estándar de inspección para las cerezas importadas de Chile — Xinhua
China has established inspection standards for cherries imported from Chile. No doubt this will increase the flow of cherries from Chile, which last year overtook Thailand as China’s largest supplier of fresh fruits.

PSA replaces China chief amid sales slump — Automotive News
Peugeot auto-maker PSA is shifting head of Latin America Carlos Gomes to run it’s China operations in an effort to boost flagging sales in the Asian market.


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South Korea’s Customs Service has inked an agreement easing customs processes with Peru and Uruguay. Under the Authorized Economic Operator and Mutual Recognition Arrangement frameworks of the World Customs Organization, the arrangements call for both sides to speedily clear products made by authorized operators from the other country and give priority in customs processing, as well as setting up dedicated contact points.


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ASEAN & Oceania-LAC

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