What We’re Reading — 15 Aug 2016

A move you think would have happened *before* the Olympics.
Heineken próxima de comprar a Brasil Kirin (Brazil Journal)

The Donald falls; MXN rises.
Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Move Markets—in Mexico (WSJ)

The search for yield continues.
Bond Funds Turn to Emerging Markets (WSJ)

Buy low: check.
A Private Equity Firm Dares to Buy in Brazil Amid Recession (Bloomberg)

Margaret Myers' op-ed would be scarier if they *weren’t* worried. 
Venezuela’s friends in Beijing worried (Miami Herald)

The worry goes both ways.
Otaviano Canuto, IMF: China’s Spill-Overs on Latin America and the Caribbean (CFI.co)

Mexico’s search for fuel continues.
Korea Gas to build LNG import terminal and gas pipelines in Mexico (Hydrocarbons Technology)

"My personal life, I do not speak about."
These Olympic Synchronized Divers Are in a Huge Fight Over Sex (Cosmo) 

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