What We’re Reading — 19 July 2016

“We are going to have to steal less,” she told her ministers.
‘Brazillionaires: The Godfathers of Modern Brazil’, Alex Cuadros (FT)

The damage will continue to be felt, long after Maduro’s gone
Venezuela Nears Constitutional Crisis as Opposition Changes Tack (Bloomberg)
Middle-class Venezuelans liquidate savings to stockpile food (AP)

Support for the Embargo continues to crumble; but election years make things tricky
Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act (Two Weeks Notice)

Amnesty laws don’t last forever, but that shouldn’t stop FARC from taking a deal
El Salvador's court ruling could impact Colombia's peace process (Bloggings by Boz) 

It’s not just a Nirvana song
Lithium: Chile’s buried treasure (FT)

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