What We're Reading - July 18, 2016

The UK comes face to face with its greatest fear: looking like a colony
Britain after Brexit looks like some Latin American countries (Miami Herald - July 16, 2016)

Ushuaia may be a casualty of Macri rationalizing Argentina's subsidies
The tax haven at the end of the world (The Economist - July 14, 2016)

Someone should watch The Big Short
Venezuela's PDVSA seeking to securitize oil services debts (Reuters - July 16, 2016)

If the military takes over at the request of the civilian lead, do we call it a coup?
Coup nouvelle: Did we just witness a new type of coup in Venezuela? (Latin America Goes Global - July 15, 2016)

Petrobras says everything but the kitchen sink
'Sou contra falar em privatização da Petrobras', diz presidente da empresa (Folha - July 18, 2016)

The Iron Lady shuts the doors to the vault
Brazil Has Its Own Iron Lady, and She Won’t Be Giving You a Loan (Bloomberg - July 18, 2016)

When you operate a company budget the same way a college freshman operates theirs...
Aerolíneas necesitará más fondos: ya usó el 78% de su presupuesto (La Nacion - July 18, 2016)

Colombia begins to roll out its ambitious 4G infrastructure projects
30 nuevos proyectos para atraer a inversionistas (El Tiempo - July 18, 2016) 

Is Cristina's condo con catching up to her? 
Argentina probes ties between ex-presidents, Miami real estate empire (Miami Herald - July 16, 2016) 

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