What We’re Reading — June 6, 2016

Pedro Pablo Kaczynski looks to edge it out in Peru - but how much can he get done?
Resultados ONPE al 91%: PPK 50,32% y Keiko Fujimori 49,68% (El Comercio — 6 June 2016)

PRI takes the expected hit, but still going strong - PRD not so much
Mexico’s Ruling Party Loses Gubernatorial Races in Several States (WSJ — 6 June 2016)
Comments on the 2016 Mexican governor elections (Bloggings by Boz — 6 June 2016)

Haiti to rerun the presidential election in the fall.
Haitian elections officials say new presidential vote to take place in October (4 June 2016)

Ex-Total guy to run YPF.
Ricardo Darré es el nuevo CEO de YPF (La Nación — 6 June 2016)

Chickens come home to roost for Caixa.
Brazil’s Second-Biggest Bank Seen Needing $7 Billion Rescue Plan (Bloomberg — 6 June 2016)

Has Venezuela hit an inflection point?
Fast Paced Changes In Venezuela (The Devil’s Excrement — 5 June 2016) 

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