What We’re Reading — June 3, 2016

Seleção is in the crapper — but still better than 95% of the world...
Brazil’s Soccer Prowess Has Been Consumed by Years of Neglect (NY Times — 2 June 2016)

Chavez spins faster in his grave... 
Venezuelans, Facing Food Shortages, Rally Behind Vilified Conglomerate (WSJ — 3 June 2016)

Will we still be allowed to call them Avianunca?
United Continental, Delta Among Possible Bidders Circling Avianca (WSJ — 2 June 2016) 

Duh, thats where all their profit comes from...
Spain’s big banks show their commitment to Latin America (FT — 3 June 2016) 

Petrobras paying for Dilma’s haircuts?
Na conta da Petrobras (O Globo — 3 June 2016)

But still the fastest turtle in the Latam pond
Colombia’s Economy Grows at Slowest Pace Since 2009 Crisis (Bloomberg — 3 June 2016)

Things are getting hot and steamy between Japan and Cuba this week...
Abe, visiting Cuban Veep agree to boost economic, other ties (Japan Times — 2 June 2016) 

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