What We’re Reading — June 24, 2016

The direct translation for ‘Brexit' in Mexico: F@%K YOU!
Mexico Peso Falls to Record as Brexit Vote Reverses Week’s Gains (Bloomberg - June 24, 2016)
‘Brexit’ Spurs Mexican Government to Make More Budget Cuts (WSJ - June 24, 2016)

Don't worry AA, United, and Copa are more than enough? 
Aeromexico Latest Airline to Suspend Flights to Venezuela (ABC News - June 23, 2016)

China: The payday lender to oil economies?
China the lender of last resort for many oil producers (SNBCHF.com - June 21, 2016)

Things are so bad in Rio, Brazilians are buying Messi jerseys
As the Olympics Near, Brazil and Rio Let the Bad Times Roll (NY Times - June 24, 2016)

Argentine & GDF Suez Kiss and Make Up
Suez Said to Consider Argentina Re-Entry Under Macri (Bloomberg - June 23, 2016)

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