What We’re Reading — June 20, 2016

China tries to get ahead of the curve, as Moody’s says the glass is half empty.
Venezuela 2016 Default Likely, PDVSA May Go First, Moody’s Says (Bloomberg)
China seeks to renegotiate Venezuela loans (FT)

Ryanair to buy Andes Líneas Aéreas; wants to triple the number of Argentines who fly.
Declan Ryan: "Vamos a triplicar el total de argentinos que viajan en avión” (La Nación)

Time to redefine Panamax - third set of locks open this weekend.
The Panama Canal Expands (WSJ)

Meirelles swears it’s getting better.
Brazil’s Recovery May Come Soon, but With Slow Growth, Finance Minister Says (WSJ)

Rio cries ‘uncle’; federal government gives them a break through 2017.
Rio State Declares Fiscal Crisis 7 Weeks Before Start of Olympic Games (WSJ)
Governo dá carência até o fim do ano para dívidas dos Estados (Estadão) 

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