What We’re Reading — June 17, 2016

Will Humala be the second president Lava Jato takes down?
Peru prosecutor says Chavez, Brazil firms may have funded Humala (Reuters)

BMW joins the Mexican auto club
The Next BMW 3 Series Will Be Built In Mexico (Jalopnik)

PPK books a direct flight to PEK
Kuczynski prepares for new life as Peru’s president after Fujimori offers bitter concession (SCMP)

Marci rolls out his infrastructure plan
Lanzan obras por US$ 600 millones en rutas y trenes (La Nación)

Suppose They Gave a Government, and No One Was Eligible to Serve?
Brazil’s Temer rejects bribe claims (FT)
Michel Temer and the 'Nobody Survives' Scenario in Brasília (Americas Quarterly)

Dom Pedro II gets the A-Hed treatment
New Plan to Fix Brazil’s Royal Mess: Restore the Monarchy (WSJ) 

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