What We're Reading - May 5, 2016


Mexico City calling, will you accept the charges?
Telefonica Gains Momentum in Mexico After Decades of Battling Carlos Slim (Bloomberg — 5 May 2016)

Brazilian Lawmaker Behind Rousseff Impeachment Is Told to Step Down (NYT — 5 May 2016)

They take that “Paris of South America” stuff personally
France opposes EU-Mercosur trade talks (FT — 5 May 2016)

Sushi prices to skyrocket
Chile’s salmon sector hit by algae bloom (FT — 5 May 2016)

Another opening in Argentina
El BCRA eleva el límite para la compra de dólares (La Nación — 5 May 2016)

Argentina - always bucking the trend
Aerolíneas Argentinas dejará de volar a Cuba en julio (La Nación — 5 May 2016) 

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