What We're Reading - May 27, 2016

Martinelli on the hot seat.
Panama initiates process to seek extradition of ex-president (Washington Post — 27 May 2016)

Time to buy that little bungalow in Ipanema we’ve been thinking about.
Brazil to lift limits on foreigners' owning of land (Reuters — 27 May 2016)

Pemex holds a stoop sale to address liquidity concerns.
Busca Pemex vender 2 plataformas (Reforma — 27 May 2016)

Infrastructure executives bullish on infrastructure investment - film at 11.
China takes long view on LatAm investment (FT — 26 May 2016)

Every day is Casual Friday at the visa window.
This Dude Photoshops Suits on to Cuban Passport Photos for a Living (Gizmodo — 27 May 2016) 

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