What We're Reading - May 23, 2016

And So Begins The Great Brazilian Tag Sale
Exclusive: Brazil prepares investor meetings for state asset sales (Reuters - May 23, 2016) 

Do You Think They’re Talking About Sean Penn?  
Radical tourists have been deluded pimps for Venezuela (The Guardian - May 21, 2016) 

Suggestion for Brazil’s Politicians: Be careful what you say on the record!
Em diálogos gravados, Jucá fala em pacto para deter avanço da Lava Jato (Folha de SP - May 23, 2016)

Well Duh
New Petrobras head bans political posts (May 20, 2016)

We’re Running Out of One Liners on Brazil Really Fast...
Entrusted to Save Brazil: The Party That Ruined Rio (NY Times - May 22, 2016)

21st Century Underworld Prerequisite: FX Awareness
Venezuela’s Economic Crisis Is So Bad, Kidnappers Demand Ransoms in Dollars (WarIsBoring.com - May 22, 2016)

Venezuela’s Crisis Challenges the Concept of “Always Coca-Cola"
Coca-Cola Halts Venezuela Production Amid Sugar Shortage (WSJ - May 20, 2016)

Oh Goodie, A Story That Isn't About Brazil or Venezuela Imploding!
Peruvian Presidential Candidate Keiko Fujimori Extends Her Lead in Poll (WSJ - May 22, 2016)  

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