What We're Reading - May 2, 2016

Hola, Havana
First U.S. Cruise in Decades Arrives in Cuba (WSJ — 2 May 2016)

As if things weren’t bad enough - Brazil keeps scoring own goals
WhatsApp is headed for a 72-hour blackout in Brazil (The Verge — 2 May 2016)

Not dead yet
Faint economic pulse detected through Brazil’s political turmoil (FT — 2 May 2016)
Mobius Adds Cash to Brazil Saying Rousseff Removal Not Priced In (Bloomberg — 1 May 2016)

Looking for infrastructure investors
Argentine vice president to visit Korea next week (Korea Herald — 2 May 2016)

Aeroméxico-Delta deal goes forward
Avala Cofece alianza Aeroméxico-Delta (Reforma — 2 May 2016) 

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