What We’re Reading - May 18, 2016

Is the next Lava Jato beginning to swirl?
NYSE Begins Delisting Brazil’s Eletrobras on Deadline Miss (Bloomberg — 18 May 2016)

Canary in the coal mine?
Mexico set for recession, forecaster says (FT — 18 May 2016)

Yields reach 9% for the world’s most indebted major oil company  
Brazil’s Petrobras Raises $6.75 Billion From Bond Issue; Pays High Price (WSJ — 18 May 2016)

He’s not wrong, but what good does name calling do?
Secretario de OEA llama 'mentiroso, traidor y dictadorzuelo' a Maduro (El Tiempo — 18 May 2016)

Waiting in the wings. Ready to serve.
Brazil’s would-be king and his two-bed rented home in São Paulo (FT — 18 May 2016) 

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