What We’re Reading - May 12, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen: Acting President Michel Temer
Impeachment moves forward in Brazil. Is Temer up to the task? (Concordia — 12 May 2016)

Meirelles back in the policy spotlight
Brazil’s New Government to Name Henrique Meirelles as Finance Minister (WSJ — 12 May 2016)

Better than the unintelligent kind being practiced elsewhere
Colombia turns to ‘intelligent austerity’ (FT — 12 May 2016)

The Switzerland of South America needs some Swiss timepieces
What Time Is It in Chile? There’s No Telling (WSJ — 12 May 2016)

Venezuela keeps getting worse
Venezuelan Opposition Rallies to Press for Presidential Recall Vote (WSJ — 12 May 2016) 

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