What We're Reading - April 8, 2016

Why would you endure the headache of covering Brazil, and not visit the country?
The Art of Calling Brazil's Currency Rally From 6,700 Miles Away (Bloomberg — 8 April 2016)

Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JPMorgan and Santander running a non-deal roadshow
Argentina readies for return to global debt market (FT — 7 April 2016)

"Mr Ryan, tear down this wall!"
Manufacturers to Congress: end Cuba trade restrictions (Global Trade — 7 April 2016)

Will #Panamapapers trip up Macri, too?
Se puso en marcha la investigación al Presidente (Página/12 — 8 April 2016)

Copper to Cochin?
Paranapanema completes first copper shipment to India (BN Americas — 7 April 2016)

Rio Olympics: three shits to the wind
Brazil Probing Fraud at Olympic Sailing Bay Sewage Plants (Bloomberg — 7 April 2016)


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