What We're Reading - April 7, 2016

Too close to tell whether Keiko will face Wall St fave PPK or leftist Veronika Mendoza in 2nd round
Fujimori support firms as leftist rises in Peru presidential race (Reuters — 7 April 2016)

With Guri 3 meters above shutdown, women are also being asked to stop blow drying their hair
Venezuela Makes Every Friday a Holiday to Save Electricity (Bloomberg — 7 April 2016)

Brazil to give Eletrobras R$1 billion for capex
Eletrobras tem injeção de R$1 bilhão da União (Valor — 7 April 2016)

Straight from the horse’s mouth
Brazil’s BTG Pactual Says Its Probe of Ex-CEO Finds No Basis to Corruption Claims (WSJ — 7 April 2016)

Tapping Taipei
CABEI raises US$185m in the Formosa market (Reuters — 7 April 2016)

Ecopetrol sells 3/4ths of it’s stake in ISA, just above the asking price
Ecopetrol solo vendió 76,7 % de su participación en ISA (El Tiempo — 7 April 2016)

SANMEX inks deal with K-sure to finance $500m in Korean exports to Mexico
Financiarán exportación con 500 mdd (Reforma — 7 April 2016) 

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