What We're Reading - April 27, 2016

Does soft power still matter? China sends 8 times the aid the US does
China sends 4 planeloads of aid to quake-ravaged Ecuador (AP — 27 April 2016)

Temer’s Justice guy says the feds don’t need to focus on corruption. Sure they don’t.
PF não deve mirar só corrupção, diz favorito de Temer à Justiça (Folha — 27 April 2016)

But don’t worry, says Maduro, inflation is under control
Venezuela Doesn't Have Enough Money to Pay for Its Money (Bloomberg — 27 April 2016)

Pico y place for the police?
Venezuela introduces two-day week to deal with energy crisis (BBC News — 27 April 2016)

Hello, Paraguay
Guess Which Country Is Among the World’s Most Corrupt (War Is Boring — 26 April 2016)

100 days to go
Venues ready, but many challenges remain for Rio Games (Reuters — 26 April 2016) 

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