What We're Reading - April 25, 2016

Pemex making a sea change...
Turning the tanker (The Economist — 24 April 2016)

…as US-Mexico energy balance fundamentally shifts
Mexican gas demand will be vital for US (FT — 25 April 2016)

Shaken awake
Earthquake Jolts Ecuador Into Enacting Long-Avoided Fiscal Changes (NYT — 24 April 2016)

Kuwait's exporting water now?
KFAED to finance small hydro construction in Cuba (International Water Power — 25 April 2016)

ICSID Sherriffs apprehend cattle rustlers
Venezuela ordered to pay British cattle company for ranch takeovers (Reuters — 24 April 2016)

Ecuador’s leader demands release of Panama Papers, and learns he’s in them (McClatchy — 24 April 2016)

Clowns and circuses criticize literal clown in Brazilian Congress
Palhaços e circos publicam carta de repúdio ao Deputado Tiririca (Oximity — 21 April 2016) 

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