What We're Reading - April 22, 2016

Argentina says #CiaoDefault, paying holdouts after 14 years (Reuters — 22 April 2016)

Michel Temer’s star turn
Brazil’s Vice President, Unpopular and Under Scrutiny, Prepares to Lead (NYT — 22 April 2016)

All the energy reform in the world can’t fix $40/barrel
Pemex embarks on US roadshow to reassure investors (FT — 22 April 2016)

Salmon curry?
Cabinet clears expansion of India-Chile trade agreement (Financial Express — 21 April 2016)

Burn the village to save it
Venezuela Plans Electricity Outages to Save Energy (WSJ — 21 April 2016) 

Maduro kicks the keg and the corner store is closed
Mayor cervecería de Venezuela paralizará en 8 días producción por falta de materia prima (Reuters — 21 April 2016) 

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