What We're Reading - April 19, 2016

Ruchir Sharma says an Emerging Market with 35% tax burden won’t be saved by impeachment...
Impeachment Won’t Save Brazil (WSJ — 19 April 2016)

…it won’t be saved by Arminio Fraga, either...
Arminio quer ajudar Temer, sem ser ministro (Estadão — 19 April 2016)

…but investors hope it’ll save Petrobras.
Petrobras, Brazil oil sector could get lift from impeachment (Reuters — 18 April 2016)

The future is here, it’s just not evenly accessible due to intellectual property rights
Monsanto Said to Reject Argentina Request in Seed Dispute (Bloomberg — 19 April 2016)

With demand approaching $70b, their return to the markets was a smashing success
Argentina returns with $16bn debt sale (FT — 19 April 2016)

China fueling a boom in tired Chilean clichés?
Chile: Turning copper into wine (FT — 19 April 2016)

Sent packing to Australia.
Chile’s TechPack Sells Alusa Unit to Australia’s Amcor for $435 Million (LAHT — 19 April 2016) 

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