What We're Reading - April 1, 2016

At this rate, not even Pele is safe
The world's richest banker has been charged with corruption (Business Insider — 1 April 2016)

Lava Jato has shed light on ‘national champions’ - how about ‘state champions,’ too?
Lava Jato começa a revelar ‘amigos do rei’ nos Estados (VEJA — 1 April 2016)

“India’s the next China” - Everyone
Latin America Pivots To India As Chinese Growth Slows (World Crunch — 31 March 2016)

Revving up
Kia Motors to start Mexico output in first half of year as scheduled (Reuters — 31 March 2016)

Ambitious goals to improve a hurting sector with great potential
Argentina’s Energy Transition: The Macri Government’s Vision (Institute of the Americas — 31 March 2016)

Following on the Sports Minister leaving with the rest of the PMDB this week... 
Head of Security Force Resigns Ahead of Rio Olympics (WSJ — 1 April 2016)

Must-read of the week
How to Hack an Election (Bloomberg Businessweek — 1 April 2016) 

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