What We're Reading - March 28, 2016

PMDB expected to leave government, but alternatives seem no better
Brazil’s tainted elite leaves few alternatives to Dilma Rousseff (FT — 25 March 2016)

Toll road operator gets ticket for being too fast with the books
OHL Mexico Fined Over Accounting Practices (WSJ — 28 March 2016)

Continuing education, of a sort, as Brazilian execs learn how to respond to the police
Advogados dão recomendações de como se portar caso a PF bata à porta (Folha — 28 March 2016)

Banks nervous about corporate defaults in Brazil
Supercalotes de empresas preocupam grandes bancos (Folha — 27 March 2016)

Losing out to Cuba, and getting knocked by KYC concerns
Caribbean economic risks in 2016 (Bloggings by boz — 28 March 2016)

Red card handed out
Former Honduran president pleads guilty in Fifa bribes case (FT — 28 March 2016) 

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