What We're Reading - March 23, 2016

With Obama in BA, US & Argentina reset bilateral agreements on investment, security
La Argentina y EE.UU. firmaron acuerdos en materia de seguridad, lucha contra el narcotráfico y comercio (La Nación — 23 March 2016)

Odebrecht to turn state’s evidence as it’s dumb list of cutesy political nicknames turns up
Odebrecht to Cooperate With Prosecutors in Corruption Probe (WSJ — 22 March 2016)
Cunha é ‘caranguejo’, Eduardo Paes é ‘nervosinho': a lista de codinomes da Odebrecht (Estadão — 23 March 2016)

Bovespa’s 17% rally is a dead cat bounce, not hopes for impeachment
Na Bovespa, o impeachment não está no preço (Veja — 23 March 2016)

Bradesco taps Zanetti as next in line to run the Brazilian banking giant
Bradesco confirma Randal Zanetti na seguradora (Veja — 23 March 2016)

Can Paraguay Escape Decades of Despotism, Ineptitude, and Corruption? (Bloomberg —  22 March 2016)

Venezuelans will not be starting their days off right
Cheerios maker General Mills exits Venezuela (FT — 23 March 2016) 

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